Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Integrity, A Passion for Life

Ever thought of doing something really good and not waiting to get reward of it?
This is something we are going to explore in today's chapter. The Integrity.

Doing right and Doing something that is not just helping me/myself but that helps others,
that is a responsibility of a great soul. let me try to put few things forward where we can apply the great formula.

At Work ( my obvious start :-) )
Most of us know the demand of our profession, Something that we can improve but we are not approaching that.
Most of us are waiting till the next reminder comes on table. aren't we?

Sometimes we know how to make things better but we wait till we are asked to do?
let me ask you a difficult question now... Why are we waiting to be asked?

The law of integrity works in reverse direction than the above mentioned human fundamental behavior.

Do it right and do it now if it helps you, or it helps others or it helps organization.
But here comes the twist of story..... Do not do it if it was just an act of getting noticed.

An integral step towards good being is always gets noticed without saying but we got to have  patience.

Example 1 : Every organization has some process related scope of improvement.
Certain things do not require a high level permission to change things little bit and make it efficient. A responsible professional can solve it and when the time comes, he/she can take the credit.

Example 2: Stopping others to do something wrong could save the organization from major/minor loss. When there is a right time, nothing wrong to pin point that how an individual helped the company.

A Home ( I love this area :-) )
We all do what is expected from us at Home, Sometimes we don't do what is expected :-(
Do we do something that is not expected but could be a great thing for Home and Family?
Do we take initiatives to make the house hold processes little better?
If we do it, we try to look around and see if someone noticed it or not?

Most of us are very serious about what all is related to Home,
But Integrity rule is  "Do the best, Do it better than before without letting Family know that you did this, You started this first and others followed. "

Example 1 : Taking an insurance for home, takes a bit of money but could be a savior in case of disaster. ( sorry i am not selling an insurance here :-) i thought this is a good example. ) Do we wait till the senior member ask us to do or do we do it without even letting other's know it.

Example 2 : Contribution for family or household expense/investment. We can encourage others by putting major contribution from our end and let others follow. because we are integral part of family. ( this doesn't apply to a family of 2 or around but if you are younger one, you can inspire the elder with your integral actions)

At Society and Nation ( You cannot ignore this )
We forget many times that we are integral part of our society and our nation.
The routine hinders our responsible citizen living within us.
But that doesn't mean that we are allowed to go away from our responsibilities towards nation and our society.
Do we see something going wrong in society and still we ignore it, just to avoid difficulties for ourselves?
Do we see there is a scope of improvement in something routine in society and still we don't try and we think... what the hell going to change if i change today?

The law of integrity says "Change if you think it can help society, A good society build good people like you and me", we can create a platform for others by taking initiatives in society.

Example 1 : I ask people to wait in a queue if there is a heavy rush for certain things. That helps all to get things on time and with peace of mind

Example 2 : Planting trees and encouraging others to do it would be a great way of showing your integrity towards society and nation.

It's not difficult to build an Integrity but we just have to have passion for this.