Thursday, June 11, 2009

How good are you?

How Good Area you?
When we are living a common life and busy in day to day activities, we really don’t know our value of existence. We really don’t know how precious we are to various people around us. I would like to make an effort to make you realize how good you are, that would surely make you feel special.

How good are you At Home
do you know when you are not at home, there are various eyes waiting for you to come back? Your wife, your kids, your parents, your neighbors (sometimes :-)).
If you are good to your family & friends, being calm and suggestive, helpful to them, you are favorite to them. Not only that, your family is known with your name due to your reputation. People outside call your family with your name… “oh this is Mr. X’s family, oh such a nice person Mr. X is”… “oh Mr. X made his family so strong financially…I wish I could have a son/brother/husband like him…”
Your nature of helping others and achieving fortune created a whole new environment and new name for your family….
is this true for you? Have you created such environment? Hopefully yes and if not, I am sure you will do it soon.

How good are you At Work?
sometimes we feel, Can me alone do anything for my work place? The answer is yes, one individual can do a lot than a group. Your presence at work place creates an environment and an image of your company. Your feeling about the company not only motivates you but plenty of people around you. Not only around you but people outside, clients, vendors and associates could be inspired. When you work hard, your employer is benefitted by one or other way, he makes money, if not money then a reputation, if not reputation then by earning a new client.
Your approach, your attitude towards work, your professionalism can create positivity in environment. People outside when they see you, would say… “Hey this must be a good company because Mr. X works for this company”…. “Oh that company where Mr. X works, we would love to do business with them”…. These could be the possible comments given by people outside. So see how important you are for the company you work…. The whole impression of the company, the whole business of the company is dependent on you and I am sure you know this well.
So when you come to the work place, feel like most valued personality and Work like a most responsible person.

How good are you In Society?
How healthy you are? How clean you keep outside your home? How often you help a child to cross the road or how often you offer a lift to elderly people? Have you helped a new comer in the city? All above applies to your personality. Your city, your neighborhood is rated based on your own behavior and attitude towards life. A one good help to neighbor can make the whole family or society make feel proud. .. “Oh this is a great neighborhood, great apartment, I wish if I could get a Flat in this area”… why would people say that.. Because they might have experienced your attitude when you were helping someone… “Oh such a clean city is this, I will visit again…”... Because you kept your neighborhood clean, the outside would love to visit it again.
So dear Mr.X, be a responsible citizen, love your place, love your work place and love your family. Give them the maximum you can because YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE