Thursday, March 22, 2012

Friendship Story : Sand & Stone

A story tells that two friends were walking through the desert. During some point of the journey they had an argument, and one friend slapped the other one in the face.

The one who got slapped was hurt, but without saying anything, wrote in the sand

They kept on walking until they found an oasis, where they decided to take a bath. The one who had been slapped got stuck in the mire and started drowning, but the friend saved him. After he recovered from the near drowning, he wrote on a stone "TODAY

The friend who had slapped and saved his best friend asked him, "After I hurt you, you wrote in the sand and now, you write on a stone, why?" The other friend replied 

"When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand where winds of Forgiveness can erase it away. But, when someone does something good for us, we must engrave it in stone where no wind can ever erase it."


A Special Person - They say it takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them. Take the time to live!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Why do I exist?

Why do I exist?
I am trying to find answer of this question for long now, I am not sure if I have the correct answer with me but there are various reasons and purposes I have found those are partially answering my question of “Why do I exist”. This is more related to Hinduism Karma belief.

1.       When I was born to my mother and father, one of the reason of my existence could be,
Almighty God wanted to bless my father and mother with a second child like myself.

2.       From my perspective; the god wanted to gift me such great parents;
this must be because of my great karma of my previous life ( Purva Janma).

3.       Since I grew up, my parents were tested for their best of abilities to bring me up to the age, ability and experience that I have gathered today; I am what I am because my parents wanted that way.
 I must say that my parents fully justified the responsibility that was given to them by “Paramatma”.

4.       Then it was my turn to do the return of favour, the “Parmeshwar” wanted me to do the best for my parents, giving them the benefit (“karma Fal”) of their good karma. I had to take care of their necessities and responsibilities and making them comfortable.

5.       There come the more difficult tasks of life that “Param Pita” wanted me to take care.
 My life after marriage. My wife connected to me because of her Karma and so do I married to her because of my Karma. Since it’s said that the marriages are decided in heaven, mine was no exception to that.

6.       The kids born to happily married couple, the almighty wanted me to take care of more responsibilities; since I gained more confidence of “Bhagwan” now. I was gifted with two kids; I thanked god for both and selecting me and my wife on this earth to be proud parents of great children.

What next?

1.       There seems to be a long journey ahead. I feel there is more to be done till the maths of Karma doesn’t get solved with correct answer on the board.
2.       I believe I exist and I am living because “The Magician” wants me to do more for family, friends and society.

3.       I think “The Power house” like God wants me to help more to the other living beings so that everyone gets at least what they deserve.

4.       I could be the source or a hand, from where “The Almighty” wants to send his powers or necessities to many of his fellow followers.

5.       I might be the source by which my children will achieve their goals, their karma, for which they have born in this world.

6.       I exist because there might be more things to be achieved by me, for balance my karma or to balance other’s Karma on this earth.

7.       There might be a reason of giving me a birth on this earth that could be a rehearsal of my next “Janma - Incarnation” or I exist because of my previous birth and I didn’t complete something at previous Janama that time.

The question is very complicated and some of my answers to myself convince me up to certain extent.

I don’t want to go and find the god, that may not be the right exercise, but I am trying to find a way where I can meet myself.

What if I do not know “who Am I” and I still try to achieve the God like powers.
That has no meaning. Rather identifying me is easy and meaningful.

I exist because “Vishwatma” wanted me to be a human, I should justify by being Human to others, acquire the qualities of Human that might answer lot of my question of my existence.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gandhi Quotes

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble.”

“Faith is not something to grasp, it is a state to grow into.”

“Non-violence requires a double faith, faith in God and also faith in man.”

“I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following.”

“Fear has its use but cowardice has none.”

“I look only to the good qualities of men. Not being faultless myself, I won’t presume to probe into the faults of others.”

“Anger and intolerance are the enemies of correct understanding.”

“Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed. Always aim at purifying your thoughts and everything will be well.”

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

“Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment, full effort is full victory.”

“I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and Non-violence are as old as the hills. All I have done is to try experiments in both on as vast a scale as I could.”

“It is easy enough to be friendly to one’s friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.”

“We may never be strong enough to be entirely nonviolent in thought, word and deed. But we must keep nonviolence as our goal and make strong progress towards it.“