Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take the pain and maximize the gain

The most difficult phase of life gives the best lessons of living; hard lessons could not be learned without facing the obstacles. Probably that is the reason there are few successful people, very few by luck and most of them are by virtue of taking lot of pain and sustaining it till they are successful.

Why should you take the pain? Life could be lived easier and in a most comfortable state. What is the need of thinking a lot and taking actions on it?
There is a need; because you wanted to be uncommon, you wanted to be focused and you wanted to get all what others could not. Why not?

What does it mean by taking a pain? Who should take it?
Taking a pain is doing something extra that others didn’t, thinking something more which others could not, working little hard which was avoided by others. Challenging your own abilities and overcoming the conditioning is also as good as taking a pain. It should taken by someone who wants to come out of the crowd.

What is something extra? Can’t it be just smart work?
Something extra could be related to hunger of learning more in less time, experimenting something new while still working on the routine. Believing in your own abilities and taking more responsibility than others is also called taking more pain. Smart workers can do it even better but smart work is not a synonym of hard work. While smart work can always lessen the amount of work, hard work gives an inner happiness of accomplishing something.

What is the gain? When should you expect it?
The gain could be a visible change in your living standard, your designation at job, a change of social status or an invisible gain like sustaining power in difficulties. A top level executive, A top level politician, a top level sports person or a spiritual guru could be seen as the gainers, they are those who have taken a pain of working harder than others, thinking different than others, caring more than others and surpassing all obstacles due to their higher experience in relative domains. The timing of gain may vary from a day to a year to a decade or more depending on your area of expertise and amount of pain you have taken. The more pain you take it, the more gain you get it, the more early you take a pain, the faster could be the result.

Example 1 : You are a marketer, you want to clinch a deal, so you are working on presentation, the day is over but presentation is not, you have taken a pain of leaving your sleep behind and completed the presentation, guess what? You made a good presentation and success comes to you, even if this deal is not worked out, you have an exception material which could be used for many other presentations.
You could have made excuses to your boss saying it was late night and your wife was not well so presentation was not over… pain and no gain…

Example 2 : You are an office executive, you are taking more responsibilities, due to that you leave office late, you are becoming the point of criticism because not all stay late, not all are taking more responsibilities. So what, if you are ok to take a pain, you get a bigger gain directly or indirectly, by getting recognition in the organization, a designation, and opportunity of learning more in less time and above all you become a close aid of management. You can escape all this pain saying all lot of stories, I have a family, I have friends, I stay too far, I am not healthy… no pain and no gain.

Exercise for you : Go out and find the people who have gained more, study their life and their past, note down t heir pains and compare their current gains. Have a great life ahead.


  1. Yes sir, You are right and i totally believe in this things but before taking pain, A person should think about both side of result because without thinking about these two side , pain may become danger for him/her. so thinking about result then taking action or pain will achieve big success.......

    Because without taking pain, A person get any thing.

    "A child want to walk , he or she has to take pain of dropping down......"

  2. Harish, I like your last Line, about your comment, I would like to say those who have taken the risk of seeing beyond boundaries have always achieved a great success. Too much thinking without acting ( taking pain) will never give you a great joy of achieving.

  3. From my point is too much thinking is just waste of time...

    because when we have some assumption about this... then if it will break then it will gives us so much pain.....

    So Don't think..... :) and take the Risk.... because One Who Take the Risk... the probability for winning will be more.....

  4. Bhagwat is right, thinking too much could be a no gain situation, because there are two stages of thinking. 1. Instant thought ( blink ) that is 99% accurate
    2. A thought after social conditioning with so many ifs and buts.
    I believe in 1st thought and I go with it.

  5. I could not agree more. When I began working for my company I was young, 21 years old. Since then I have learned that it's not about being at your job from 8-5pm it's about completing your work because you're proud of what you do and you believe in what you're doing and will go to the extreme to prove that. With that, comes sacrifices and pain.

    At the start of my employment I had no desire to work late as I was young and always had "things to do". But later I learned that as much as I put in is as much as I got out. Even if that meant spending more time in the office, staying late, working weekends, etc.

    As a result, my elders have given me greater learning opportunities, flexibility and many incentives.

    Mahendra, as always I wish we could share these wisdom's globally for years to come. They're insightful, meaningful and very intuitive.

    Look forward to hearing more!!!

    Erin Shepard

  6. Erin, I appreciate your compliments, I will try to meet expectations and will provide some insights on living and achieving life long.


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