Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Existence of God

Existence of God

I have doubted existence of God in Physical format

I agree to feel him in the form of Mother Earth, Water, Air and the Universal Umbrella Like Sky.

But here my question is Do I have to ask any of the above to come and help me

Almost everything in life is automated.

Then why do people go to Temples, Mosque, Churches, Gurudwara or any other place to seek the blessings.

Why do we want to enhance our life just by blessings from someone whom we have never seen?

Just because it is believed that he/she knows how to solve our problems?

He is more powerful and he only can fight the odds?

Or just because we want to escape from problems or we want a quick solution?

We think he is a magician and he is meant to solve our problems and give us fortunes.

Ok, let’s do an experiment here.

Let’s believe it that all that I talked above is correct.

The super power, magician and the great god exists.

I feel sick, I go to temple and I come out well. Can I? If yes then lets close all hospitals.

I am hungry, I go to mosque and my hunger disappears, true? Then let’s close the shops of grocers.

I am poor, I am going to church and great god gifts me money, gold and all that I wanted. So I will stop working all the day and I will go to church thrice a day to get more money.

We know all this is not possible, all the above things we have to earn, no one serves the free meal.

But I don’t deny the existence of God, why?

He helps me to identify between right and wrong.

He helps me to walk, talk, live and breathe.

He helps me in to help others.

He exists within me, not outside.

No, I am not the God but am his own creation where he lives on his own.

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