Friday, February 4, 2011

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself

This is the exercise everyone should do at least once in a life; this would be surely a life changing experience. Reinventing yourself could open up your own self and seeing the different perspectives of the life.

First Step: Check Your Happiness Index

Have you ever asked yourself, Are you Happy?

If not, do it now. Happiness is the root of everything happens in your life.

If you are not happy, there is something wrong that needs a correction as soon as possible.

I hope you won’t blame the circumstances or the fate/destiny for your happiness.

Happiness is the way you take good and bad things in your life and how well you act on it.

No one can make you sad if you really don’t want to be.

So first and foremost thing you should do is, find what is wrong, act on it, correct it so you can improve your happiness index.

Step Two: Do what you like to do

Do you know what you like most to do? If not, please find that first :-)

Doing what you like daily/weekly/monthly would surely improve your happiness index.

If you are not doing, think what you like to do, what you liked to do in past.
You will find something you liked to do earlier but due to time/circumstances/constraints you are now unable to do.

Doing such small things might have been a reason behind your success in past and if you stop doing so, you may not taste the success in future.

Till the time I was keeping my routine playing, tv and some house hold, I could achieve good in my 10th standard, but I stopped doing that in pressure of 11th and 12th standard, I could not do wonders. A lesson learnt, do what you like to do, this will release your pressure of performance.

Step Three: Find your specialty and leverage that

Very few of us do internal analysis of us to find what we are good at. Perhaps some good friends and well-wishers tell us about our good things. We should listen to that voice that says you are good at this… and seek an opportunity in that career.

There is a difference between what I should be doing and what my specialty is. Peer pressure will ask you to do what you should be doing and your inner soul would be always pushing you towards your special god gifted inner skill.

I was writing code of software for few years of my life till I realized I am good at marketing and management. It took some time but once the realization has happened I have never looked back.

People have done wonders when they have done what they are good at.