Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take the pain and maximize the gain

The most difficult phase of life gives the best lessons of living; hard lessons could not be learned without facing the obstacles. Probably that is the reason there are few successful people, very few by luck and most of them are by virtue of taking lot of pain and sustaining it till they are successful.

Why should you take the pain? Life could be lived easier and in a most comfortable state. What is the need of thinking a lot and taking actions on it?
There is a need; because you wanted to be uncommon, you wanted to be focused and you wanted to get all what others could not. Why not?

What does it mean by taking a pain? Who should take it?
Taking a pain is doing something extra that others didn’t, thinking something more which others could not, working little hard which was avoided by others. Challenging your own abilities and overcoming the conditioning is also as good as taking a pain. It should taken by someone who wants to come out of the crowd.

What is something extra? Can’t it be just smart work?
Something extra could be related to hunger of learning more in less time, experimenting something new while still working on the routine. Believing in your own abilities and taking more responsibility than others is also called taking more pain. Smart workers can do it even better but smart work is not a synonym of hard work. While smart work can always lessen the amount of work, hard work gives an inner happiness of accomplishing something.

What is the gain? When should you expect it?
The gain could be a visible change in your living standard, your designation at job, a change of social status or an invisible gain like sustaining power in difficulties. A top level executive, A top level politician, a top level sports person or a spiritual guru could be seen as the gainers, they are those who have taken a pain of working harder than others, thinking different than others, caring more than others and surpassing all obstacles due to their higher experience in relative domains. The timing of gain may vary from a day to a year to a decade or more depending on your area of expertise and amount of pain you have taken. The more pain you take it, the more gain you get it, the more early you take a pain, the faster could be the result.

Example 1 : You are a marketer, you want to clinch a deal, so you are working on presentation, the day is over but presentation is not, you have taken a pain of leaving your sleep behind and completed the presentation, guess what? You made a good presentation and success comes to you, even if this deal is not worked out, you have an exception material which could be used for many other presentations.
You could have made excuses to your boss saying it was late night and your wife was not well so presentation was not over… pain and no gain…

Example 2 : You are an office executive, you are taking more responsibilities, due to that you leave office late, you are becoming the point of criticism because not all stay late, not all are taking more responsibilities. So what, if you are ok to take a pain, you get a bigger gain directly or indirectly, by getting recognition in the organization, a designation, and opportunity of learning more in less time and above all you become a close aid of management. You can escape all this pain saying all lot of stories, I have a family, I have friends, I stay too far, I am not healthy… no pain and no gain.

Exercise for you : Go out and find the people who have gained more, study their life and their past, note down t heir pains and compare their current gains. Have a great life ahead.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Power of Positive Visualization

Have you tried seeing your future well before it happens? Not yet? Try today.
I would like to describe today a great power of Visualization, it’s an art or it’s an effort to see something happening with open eyes which we want to see in future. Someone would call it Day Dreaming, but very few of us understand the Power of Day Dreaming.
Visualization gives us the glimpse of future, we should always tend to see good and positive things in future, and that gives us happiness today. We can use that visualization as a power to make the dreams into reality… don’t know how? Read as follows.

How to Visualize?
By this time we have realized that we should have some goal, we should have some dream to achieve in life, now take this exercise.
1. Think that you have achieved your Goal Today, See yourself in the position you want to be in future.
2. See very specific, the specific place, specific people, specific objects, environment and all.
3. See it like you are really dreaming, but this time with open eyes.
4. Keep yourself in that dream for a longer, because you are conscious this time, you can think and drive yourself around that dream.
5. Repeat this exercise frequently, daily or weekly whenever you get some time, spend in dreaming. That will make your dream stronger and you will get lot of energy to achieve them.

Example 1: You want to go to USA for work or any other place, you wanted to do it since long, but now do the above exercises, Feel like you are in America, see the Airplane landing on American land, see the foreigners around you, see the wide roads, polished cars, tall buildings. See yourself in a black suit, with a laptop (your brand) , talking in fluent English to colleague, eating burgers from McDonalds …. Be there for few more minutes…

Example 2 : You want to own a big bungalow, with a nice foreign made car, one for you, one for your wife/husband, one for kids, a wide garden with green lawn, probably a nice breed pet, some servants in white uniform, a driver for your car, security guards at the entrance of your house, yourself in a good expensive clothes with hubby loving you and all family members smiling.
In above two examples I have explained how you should visualize, be specific and dream with open eyes and drive yourself as close as you want it to be.

How does it help?
Some research has proved that positive visualization has given results better than expected. We have accepted that everything is possible but you have to give a right shape to your thinking power. So if you think right, you will see things happening to you as the way you wanted them. If they are not working that way, you must have not visualized it well in past.

Do not afraid of dreaming.
Never ever afraid of dreaming, it’s a virtue to human being to dream and god has given a purpose to it. If we dream well and specific, things will happen to us same way. Positive thinkers, Positive dreamers have positive results.

A story of my mother
My mother always dreamt of well being of me and my brother, she was not healthy but she was saying that I will die only after I see you brothers settled in life with at least one kid to each of you. She always wished to die before my father because she loved him a lot and then she said she will not die in hospital, she wanted to die such a way that it happens immediately to her ( a quick death) without suffering in hospital. Guess What happened to her?

She died with all above things happened to her, we brothers were settled with 1 kid each to us, my father was still alive and she died with heart attack that killed her in few minutes without hospitalization. So whatever she thought that happened to her, she might have visualized this all years back.

Different people have different goals, different dreams, different way of living life but dreaming it before they happens is important, then only it will really happen someday.

Cancer patients are given this treatment, so they can self medicate.

Differently able candidates know this theory very well and they win gold medals.

Jim carry ( the hero of movie The Mask) dreamt of a 1 Million dollar pay check for his movie when he was a struggler, he made it one day, now we all know him well.

Good luck, keep dreaming in a day time ( not for full day :-) )