Friday, May 6, 2011

Cricketing the Life: Let’s play

Let me take you on a journey of Life at the vehicle of Cricket, the most popular game in India. This game has always inspired me to live a better life; I would like to take an opportunity to share my thoughts on the how cricket can inspire the life.

The Toss : This is the matter of luck, who wins the toss is only decided by the almighty god, so as with life, where have you born and when, is decided by someone you don’t know but you have born that is the truth :-), so the only option you have is “Let’s Play, Let’s live this wonderful Journey of Life”

Batting First:
Here the bowler is the life and circumstances; you are the batsman. You need to be sure that you have to play a long innings, so staying on crease is important.  The bowler is solid so as the life and circumstances, you got to play every ball to score runs on the pitch of life, leaving the balls alone is like leaving the opportunities going away from you.

You are not playing alone
: You have to score runs but you cannot do it alone, you have your team mates, so in life your partner, your friends, your team mates and well-wishers, play well and let others play, let them help you and your team to score well. Relationship matters a lot in life and game.

Keep moving
: Score ones and twos when the bowler like life is bowling tough deliveries;  stick to the crease if the life like bowler is at its best performance, you need to wait for weak deliveries to hit your boundaries. Not all the deliveries are meant for boundaries but we know in a match of life, boundaries like success do come and it should keep coming in longer and shorter formats. Develop patience and hit the bowl when situations are favorable.

Last over, few bowls remaining
: This is the time to hit very hard; it’s now or never, score as much as you can so that you can defend this score later. Life also has such incidents where you have to do your best, perform or perish. Every single run counts, every single effort counts in life.

Let us Bowl Now
: This is the different perspective of life, throw challenges to your life like batsman, you need to deliver the best to beat the tough life like batsman, make sure any of the batsman ( read challenges of life here) of this difficult life doesn’t succeed. Beat the difficulties, get the stumps of every problems of life and you know the match is yours if you have beat the opponents (problems/difficulties) at every aspect of game.

Cheer the team
: Every player is important, you need a good wicket keeper to cover the stumps, you need few good fielders to cover the field, a good batsman to stay longer with you, so as you need friends, philosophers and guides to help you succeed. Cheer all the people helping you to win the game of life.

The best Moments
: Remember the best catch of yours, the best batting innings and the great over that you bowled. Life is about the best moments, keep those memories with you and remind yourself that you can repeat those performances once again, every time in your cricket like life.

Man of the Match
: So now you have played well, you deserve the man of the match award, look back and see how import it is to play well, bat well, bowl well and field well. It all matters in game of the life where every good moment lived well can lead you to the man of the match award.

Enjoy the Life like Cricket and Cricket like Life:-)

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