Monday, December 26, 2011

Positive Self Talk, A friend for Life

Self talk is like an auto installed program which is installed in the computer of your Brain.
You have been using it unknowingly for many years but you never realized its good and bad uses.

So in so many terms you have never explored the potential of Self Talk.

I would like you to think over it today and experience a great benefit of Positive Self Talk.
Why Am I Saying Positive Self Talk?

Because you have been using Negative side of Self Talk more than Positive Self Talk.?

How and When?

Well every time, almost every day we have been talking to ourselves and telling us something those are not really positive words.

I won’t get parking space today :-(

I might get fined by Traffic Police :-{

I might lose this :-|

Aren’t you saying this to yourself? That’s what we call Negative Self Talk.
Such negative self talk leads to undesirable results.

But we can change our life by changing our Self Talk program.

Slowly and gently but gradually we have to convert our self talk from negative to positive.

Gentle start should be good, don’t panic and never tell yourself that you should not think negative, If you tell this to yourself “don’t think negative”.. you are increasing your panic by criticizing yourself. 

Start gentle, start slow but start steady. Just change the words that you speak to yourself.


Positive Self Talk is a process of installing smaller updates to your installed program in brain 
Instead of saying “I wont get a parking space” please say “I will most likely get a parking space today” .  Keep saying this to yourself daily.

And some day that “most likely” will become “I will sure” once you have matured in positive self talk.

Positive self talk is a scientific process, telling positive things to yourself will bring positive changes in life.

Consider Self talk as a nearest and dearest friend lives with you all the time. Would you prefer to tell him/her negative words or positive words?

Of course you won’t talk negative to your nearest friend, then why not to speak positive to self?

Positive self talk is a slow and steady process, so keep saying good and positive words to yourself daily and you will notice a great positive change in your life.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Winners only have Plan A?

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Why Winners only have Plan A?
Do you aim to do something in your life? Are you sure about it?

What if you don’t achieve it? Do you have Plan B and what if Plan B fails?

If you have Plan B and subsequent plans, I am sorry to say you may not be the winner.

I am not kidding when I am saying this.
The winners have only plan A and they keep working on it till they successfully execute it.
While people of other group (I didn’t want to write losers ) have always Plan A, B, C… and so many.

“Keeping things safe is always a plan to die”.

The winner will never seek the safety but a surety of winning on his plan,

That means “Winners also fail but they never fail to start again”.

The psychiatric or scientific reason for this is, when you work on only one Plan, that means your “Plan A”, you are putting your 100% of mental and physical energy towards it. In other words your Plan A gets 100% of justice from you. If something gets justice of that class, it’s bound to happen some day.
In other case, your energy is scattered across various plans, you are not ready to fall and get up again, so you plan 100 different things to avoid failure, guess what?
Your energy is now not working on one plan but various plans, we have our limitations as a human being, so when we have different plans on hand, we might get little success in all but the joy of 100% success comes only when we achieve 100% of what we wished to achieve.

The questions you should ask to yourself,

What do you wanted to achieve?

Have you justified your Goal today?

Have you inched towards your goal today?

Have you every thought, why the world has few successful people?

Do you believe that successful people are the only qualified or highly deserving people for that success?

If you think that, you might be wrong, successful people are not the only deserving people but they are the only few, who kept working towards their Plan A. while others like you and me kept thinking of Plan B, C and more….

What if Amitabh bachhan would have thought of plan B after his failed attempt to secure a role in Movies? We would have not seen the great actor today?

What if Sachin Tendulkar would have also played Football and tennis as his Plans B and C, we would have not seen the great cricketer today.

In opposite to that Salil Ankola ( a forgotten cricker and actor) had various plans, he failed in cricket so he tried in acting, he failed again and now he is nowhere.

Sabir Bhatia, when he was focused towards innovation, he invented Hotmail and made himself millionaire. Then after he started to work on various products and nothing reached near to his past success. Why? The person was same but the plans were scattered.

Based on examples and experience of mine so far, I strongly believe that if you want to be successful, an achiever, keep working on your primary plan A. your chances of success will be always higher. Believe in your plan and put your 100% towards that.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Motivation: What is special about today?

It is today which is going to make all the difference in your life.

It is today that was not yesterday and that will not be tomorrow to you.

Like yesterday, today has started with its own importance and reason; did you find the reason for Today?

Believe me; if you don’t find the reason for today, you are going to lose today again like you did yesterday. But No, today you have to make a great day that you could not yesterday.

Oh; so why was it lost yesterday?  because you didn’t care and let it passed by like any other day.

Didn't you?

Here is a wonderful poem on daily motivation I have written for you to take by heart.

You have to move ahead and make the difference today.
The whole world is waiting for you, to think and do something for you and them today.

Your success; your achievements are waiting for you today.

It’s not really easy; it’s a difficult day today.

You are alive, you are healthy and you can do everything today.

Change if you can, make if you can, build if you can today.

Wake up, arise, and step ahead towards the goal today. ( swami vivekanand )

Fight if you can, finish if you can and bury all your obstacles today.

It was Gandhi, it was newton, it was napoleon that did this someday.

But it’s your turn now, do it today.

Its magnetic, its energetic, its fantastic day today.

You are alive, away from grieve; so don’t just survive,

Change the circumstance, make the difference and do it today.

Think if you can, plan if you can, but run little fast today.

(For your studies)
Gain the knowledge today, read the Geeta and Bible today
If it’s lost, if it’s gone, if it’s past, you would never get it today.

( for society and needy around)
There are hungry, there are needy, and there are lonely today.
Feed them today, retrieve them today, and are there to cheer them today.

( for your parents)
They want you here, they deserve your care while  they are there.
Heal them today, rejoice them today,

( about your goals)
Meet your passion, show your compassion, and delete the depression
With heart full of cheers, greet them today

(For Your family)
You offered a shelter, you offered a love
Now they need little more, give them today

(Finally for almighty god)
He was watching you yesterday, he will do it tomorrow but he will do it today
He wants you to listen; he wants you to feel, he wants you to meet him today.

Note : The content of this blog is written by the blog creator, any illegal copies will be prosecuted.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Motivational words : Words of wisdom : Volume II

The Life is full of troubles and opportunities, its how we take the life makes lot of difference on how we live the life, here is another dose of some motivational words or words of wisdom for you, they are selective pearls of wisdom shared by some well known personalities of the world.

"Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless."
-- Mother Teresa, charity worker

"The most dangerous question a prospect or customer asks is "Why should I?" And he may ask it more than once... The product and its communication stream must continue to provide him with both rational and emotional answers."
-- Lester Wunderman, marketing pioneer

"Happiness is only a byproduct of successful living."
-- Austen Riggs, psychiatrist

"Without courage, all other virtues lose their meaning."

-- Winston Churchill, British prime minister

"Someone might have a germ of talent, but 90% of it is discipline and how you practice it, what you do with it. Instinct won't carry you through the entire journey. It's what you do in the moments between inspiration."

-- Cate Blanchett, actress

"Only by coming to grips with difficulty can you realize your full potential."

-- Charles de Gaulle, president of France

"We want a society where people are free to make choices, to make mistakes, to be generous and compassionate. This is what we mean by a moral society; not a society where the state is responsible for everything, and no one is responsible for the state."

-- Margaret Thatcher, British prime minister

"Courage is not limited to the battlefield. The real tests of courage are much quieter. They are the inner tests, like enduring pain when the room is empty or standing alone when you're misunderstood."

-- Charles Swindoll

"What keeps so many employees back is simply unwillingness to pay the price, to make the exertion, the effort to sacrifice their ease and comfort."

-- Orison Swett Marden, motivational expert

"Once you surrender to your vision, success begins to chase you."

-- The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

"Every great man of   business has got somewhere a touch of the idealist in him."

-- Woodrow Wilson, 28th U.S. president

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspirational Quotes : Words of wisdom : Volume I

Let me Share some Inspirational Quotes: Words of Wisdom, they have been inspiring my life for long. I hope you will like it also.
I will share the words of wisdom in different volumes, this is Volume I.

 "Never say no when a client asks for something, even if it is the moon. You can always try, and anyhow there is plenty of time afterward to explain that it was not possible."
-- Cesar Ritz, hotelier

 "No matter what it is, pick yourself up and go on to the next project."
-- Shelley Duvall, actress

 "Don't let yesterday take up too much of today."
-- Will Rogers, humorist

 "If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere."

 "Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."
-- Albert Einstein, Theoretical Physicist 

 "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it."
 "Envisioning the end is enough to put the means in motion."
-- Dorothea Brande, Writer 
 "The first part of success is "Get-to-it-iveness"; the second part of success is "Stick-to-it-iveness.""
-- Orison Swett Marden, Editor, Success Magazine
 "When you dare to dream, dare to follow that dream; dare to suffer through the pain, sacrifice, self-doubts and friction from the world."
-- Laura Schlessinger, talk-show host
 "To see what is right and not do it is a lack of courage."
-- Confucius, philosopher 

I hope the words of wisdom would make difference in your life. If you want to further read how change works in life, check my post on Change Management
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Enjoy the life, keep watching for volume II of Words of Wisdom

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Have you lost your inner Hero?

There may be a time when you are finding but not meeting your inner Hero. That is lost in dark.

What is that dark about and why has it hid your inner hero?

The dark is this

1. The lack of confidence in you.

2. A belief that made you hero is gone or decreased.

3. Your patience is at its lowest.

4. Your spirit is at its lowest. You have a Fear of Future.

5. Your moral is down.

Such dark is so strong that it will hide your heroic abilities, your best won’t come out unless you hit back to those dark characteristics of your own.

So here you are, you want to find your hero back in you and here are the tricks.

1. Ignore the critic and keep moving towards the way that you believed is right.

2. Let the time do its work, develop the patience.

3. Work hard, there is no replacement of hard work.

4. Find out where are you best at, keep doing those things again. Love Yourself.

5. Never quit, the moment you decide to move the stones and make it happen, you are already a winner.

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple Inc Once said

“You have to believe in something: destiny, life, karma, whatever”

The belief is the key to find back your inner hero. If you have once thought that you will be doing something great with your life, that was a belief and you have to stick to that belief until you have done something important for you, your family, society or nation.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hey, who are you? I am the “Change”

This is the only constant factor in our life, yes you are correct, and it’s the Change.
It doesn’t give a great feeling when we encounter with this great thing in life, so did it with me, here is my conversation with the change and how I did Change Management

Hey lazy, getup, I am here

Who? Who are you?

Well, I am yours but you never have tried to accept me?

You are mine? I have many things of mine, and who are you from?

I am within you but I live in outer aura of yours.

Oh man, don’t confuse me, tell me who are you and why the hell you are asking me to get up.
You know how comfortable I am, I love doing all what I am doing.

Ok, I understand but do you know that you are not doing what you should be?

Sorry, elaborate?

You think you are doing right but you are not?

Oh, didn’t know that? Then why were the things good to me if I was wrong.

See, you said; things were good, are they good today?

Oh.. Yes.. they are not good as they used to be.

Yes, they are not good because things have changed and you wanted me desperately.

I never called you, never asked you, then why have you appeared?

Because I knew i am the only one who can make you better than what you are.

I am better, in fact the best that I can do.. but ya.. don’t know why?

Because you are the best, you want me, adopt me and see how your best comes out from you.

Ok, let me try, what do I do now?

“Change the way you have been looking at the things” , this can make things lot easier than before.

Change the way… how does it matter?

It will Change the way of working, add little more to your daily life?

So you mean I have to work hard..?

Did I say that? Only working hard doesn’t solve your problem.


Work to the best of your capabilities and insure that you have done it right.

Look at the things and think that there is always a better way of doing this.. Isn’t that true?

Ya, true, I know what you mean. I have to change the way of working. And making sure that you are not leaving no stone unturned. Not leaving a scope of failure by putting checks at every step.

Putting a full heart towards my daily routine can really change the scenario.

Yes, exactly. Try to understand the requirement of every responsibility,
Each necessity has its own set of requirements and ways of doing,
If we extend reach of our heart and try to listen those requirements, we always can get an answer.

The answer is, getup, “this is the time to change”.

There are always two ways of living. Either you accept whatever happens to you or go and “Change” them as you wish them to be.

Choice is yours.

Oh “Change”, hug me, love me and I love you too. Let me “change the way of life”.

After this exercise  I am sure you will find the "Hero In You".

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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cricketing the Life: Let’s play

Let me take you on a journey of Life at the vehicle of Cricket, the most popular game in India. This game has always inspired me to live a better life; I would like to take an opportunity to share my thoughts on the how cricket can inspire the life.

The Toss : This is the matter of luck, who wins the toss is only decided by the almighty god, so as with life, where have you born and when, is decided by someone you don’t know but you have born that is the truth :-), so the only option you have is “Let’s Play, Let’s live this wonderful Journey of Life”

Batting First:
Here the bowler is the life and circumstances; you are the batsman. You need to be sure that you have to play a long innings, so staying on crease is important.  The bowler is solid so as the life and circumstances, you got to play every ball to score runs on the pitch of life, leaving the balls alone is like leaving the opportunities going away from you.

You are not playing alone
: You have to score runs but you cannot do it alone, you have your team mates, so in life your partner, your friends, your team mates and well-wishers, play well and let others play, let them help you and your team to score well. Relationship matters a lot in life and game.

Keep moving
: Score ones and twos when the bowler like life is bowling tough deliveries;  stick to the crease if the life like bowler is at its best performance, you need to wait for weak deliveries to hit your boundaries. Not all the deliveries are meant for boundaries but we know in a match of life, boundaries like success do come and it should keep coming in longer and shorter formats. Develop patience and hit the bowl when situations are favorable.

Last over, few bowls remaining
: This is the time to hit very hard; it’s now or never, score as much as you can so that you can defend this score later. Life also has such incidents where you have to do your best, perform or perish. Every single run counts, every single effort counts in life.

Let us Bowl Now
: This is the different perspective of life, throw challenges to your life like batsman, you need to deliver the best to beat the tough life like batsman, make sure any of the batsman ( read challenges of life here) of this difficult life doesn’t succeed. Beat the difficulties, get the stumps of every problems of life and you know the match is yours if you have beat the opponents (problems/difficulties) at every aspect of game.

Cheer the team
: Every player is important, you need a good wicket keeper to cover the stumps, you need few good fielders to cover the field, a good batsman to stay longer with you, so as you need friends, philosophers and guides to help you succeed. Cheer all the people helping you to win the game of life.

The best Moments
: Remember the best catch of yours, the best batting innings and the great over that you bowled. Life is about the best moments, keep those memories with you and remind yourself that you can repeat those performances once again, every time in your cricket like life.

Man of the Match
: So now you have played well, you deserve the man of the match award, look back and see how import it is to play well, bat well, bowl well and field well. It all matters in game of the life where every good moment lived well can lead you to the man of the match award.

Enjoy the Life like Cricket and Cricket like Life:-)

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Loving Yourself

Isn’t it a strange topic right? We have been talking to love our work, love our parents, and love our friends…. And what is this, Love Yourself? Yes. We have been missing this very important thought for numerous occasions in life.  Let’s talk on this today.

Most of us are so good in our lives that we always victimize ourselves and keep punishing ourselves mentally (or sometimes physically), have we ever thought that we are a nice living being and we should love ourselves equally that we love others?

Making mistakes, taking decisions ( right or wrong), falling apart is always a human nature, what if the mistakes grow larger, what if decisions are proven to be wrong, what if we are not as good as our peers, is this something we should be worried about, or rather we should take an action and correct it? Choice is yours, Worrying kills and Action builds.

Lets explore some techniques and learn how to better love ourselves.

A question we ask ourselves : I wasted so many years doing this, Oh My God such an Idiot I was?Dear Brother/Sister, it was your decision to do something that you now consider as a waste, so where is the question of wasting. No time is wasted, it gives you an experience that helps in long term, build a patience in life. If you think there is a better way to do it, do it now, if you hate yourself then you will never be able to correct your mistakes.  Love yourself, accept mistakes and go ahead.

We Quastion our Ability : I don’t have a sense to judge right or wrong.

Let’s accept this as a destiny. The almighty God wants us to do something and we do it, if it happens to be wrong, we should have courage to accept that as a decision from heaven. And if there is something is possible to be correct, let’s try and correct it. If it’s not a correctable judgment, let’s learn a lesson and move ahead.

Forgive and Forget.

You have to forgive yourself for the mistakes like you do for others, forget the chapters of life that have left unpleasing experience in the life.
Balancing Act

If something happened that you didn’t want to do and it happened, try to balance it by doing something that you wanted to do and make others and yourself feel proud of it, a balancing act would always reduce the pain of unhealthy thoughts.
Shed the tears but don’t forget to laugh

Shedding tears is an act of most courageous individual if you do it for right cause. But make sure you laugh enough in a day to pay the price for those tears.  Laughing is the best gift we can give to ourselves, so let’s don’t wait for it, and gift it to you today :-)

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fear, The Life and You

Fear is not an unknown entity to all of us. We have fear of losing, fear of future, fear of failure and sometimes fear of fear also :-)

I will not try to remove that fear from the roots but I am very much interested to redefine it for simplicity and better life perspective.

In most of the cases the fear gets worse when we don’t act on the factors that stimulate the fear within us.

So the best medicine of fear is “Act today so that you are not afraid of tomorrow”.

Exam fear, if we are prepared and if we can prepare better, why not to prepare ourselves today.

Presentation fear, the audience is not going to kill us if we are not making a good presentation but we are afraid because we are unprepared J why are you going unprepared?

Fear of lenders, can’t we prepare a schedule of payments to make sure we are on time? Or even if we are going to miss the dates of payment, it’s good to communicate and reschedule the payments and remove the fear.

Fear of not meeting expectations, did you set the expectations right at the other end? Did you communicated well to the person who expected something from you?

Fear of Child from the Parent, Why the child can be honest to the parent about their mistakes, no one would be unhappy if we show our honesty towards mistakes. The parents should be honest and transparent with their children so they inspire the love of parent and child, fear at either end would harm the relationship. Neither parent nor the child would prefer to do injustice to each other. So why to be afraid of being honest?

Fear of Losing, when we are afraid of losing, either we have a lack of confidence or we are always expecting a win, let me ask you this, can anyone win always? Then why there is a fear of loss?

We have to bring our confidence and positivity at its peak level so that one or two loses or few more should not let us down, keep moving and have courage to face the loss.  Winning is not important, it’s important that how we play the game of life, living with fear would certainly ruin the joy of life.

If we are ready, prepared and confident today, we can make this “Fear” an unknown entity tomorrow.  Even if we are not prepared, not ready, less confident, no worries please.

Let’s accept the situation with courage and prepare ourselves next time. Fear should not kill us; we have to kill the fear.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself

This is the exercise everyone should do at least once in a life; this would be surely a life changing experience. Reinventing yourself could open up your own self and seeing the different perspectives of the life.

First Step: Check Your Happiness Index

Have you ever asked yourself, Are you Happy?

If not, do it now. Happiness is the root of everything happens in your life.

If you are not happy, there is something wrong that needs a correction as soon as possible.

I hope you won’t blame the circumstances or the fate/destiny for your happiness.

Happiness is the way you take good and bad things in your life and how well you act on it.

No one can make you sad if you really don’t want to be.

So first and foremost thing you should do is, find what is wrong, act on it, correct it so you can improve your happiness index.

Step Two: Do what you like to do

Do you know what you like most to do? If not, please find that first :-)

Doing what you like daily/weekly/monthly would surely improve your happiness index.

If you are not doing, think what you like to do, what you liked to do in past.
You will find something you liked to do earlier but due to time/circumstances/constraints you are now unable to do.

Doing such small things might have been a reason behind your success in past and if you stop doing so, you may not taste the success in future.

Till the time I was keeping my routine playing, tv and some house hold, I could achieve good in my 10th standard, but I stopped doing that in pressure of 11th and 12th standard, I could not do wonders. A lesson learnt, do what you like to do, this will release your pressure of performance.

Step Three: Find your specialty and leverage that

Very few of us do internal analysis of us to find what we are good at. Perhaps some good friends and well-wishers tell us about our good things. We should listen to that voice that says you are good at this… and seek an opportunity in that career.

There is a difference between what I should be doing and what my specialty is. Peer pressure will ask you to do what you should be doing and your inner soul would be always pushing you towards your special god gifted inner skill.

I was writing code of software for few years of my life till I realized I am good at marketing and management. It took some time but once the realization has happened I have never looked back.

People have done wonders when they have done what they are good at.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Leadership Simplified

All of us have a hidden leader within us and that comes out only when we take more responsibility. Leadership is all about taking more than individual capability and making sure it’s done as desired with the help of ours and subordinates.
I would like to describe key factors of leadership that would simplify this subject for newly elected leaders or someone aspiring to be a leader in future.

Put yourself to other's shoes: This is the first lesson, leadership is not about me, and it’s about we. Leadership is not about how I want to do; it’s about how people would do it the way we want them.

Understanding people and circumstances, considering their capabilities, pros and cons of them and utilizing them for wellbeing of the tasks assigned to them.

Comparison is the killer.  Never compare subordinate with yourself. You might be a superstar but you were not like that from day one, so if you really want to compare, do it right with right age and experience. Do not compare people with people, not all of us are same.

Do not Under Estimate or Over Estimate: not everyone in your team has same capabilities, but you should always know your people well. Load them with difficult task and see who comes out well in the test. Use that person for difficult tasks who does it quick and smart. Few are good at small things only, let them do that and be happy with that.

Over expectations could turn out to be nightmare, if you over expect from an average person, you might end up losing the person or putting the person in solid mental state.

Judging people is the key, put right people at right job.

Plan it well: Plan your resources, plan your time, plan almost everything before you can move ahead. Because you may fail but plan will not.

Let your subordinate involve in plan, ask them their availability, they should agree with your plan, check with senior management about their inputs. Check your calendar, whether, holidays in country, holidays of customers and all that matters to your tasks.

Such plans with above factors will be less vulnerable for failure.

Providing a correct career path to subordinates: You cannot move ahead without replicating yourself. So do not shy away from sharing your success secrets with people under you.

Give them the vision for the career path. They would love you if they see they are improving with you and they are on right track to replace you some day and you replace your senior.

Human Factor, use it right:  all of us like to have love, warmth and respect. Deal with your subordinate with those factors but make sure you are being fair.

Being too sweet could be a disaster and being bitter won’t help. The best way out is being fair.  Practice of being fair with people, being fair means evaluating people on standards set by organization or expecting something that is promised by individuals themselves.

Example : Mr. X promised to finish some task tomorrow, and tomorrow comes, he wants to go home early without making sure he finished the promised task or not, here you need to deal with him stating that stick to your promises, or don’t promise unless you can really make it.

Here you were not being sweet like to let him go without finishing, you were not harsh that you could order him to do it anyhow, but you made him realize that it’s important to keep promises. This is called being fair.

Be friendly with people with you but expect a respect from them, get close to them but let them know that you are a bit ahead and you have to be; because only then you can take them to next level.

Don’t just look back, Look forward: This is management perspective. Leaders are responsible to senior management also, so keeping senior management in confidence is important.

You are the one, who would make the management’s dreams come true along with your dreams, so “being a Yes Man/Woman” is important. Management loves those leaders.

In a nutshell taking responsibilities, drawing a right plan, using senior management’s experience, utilizing the given work force efficiently and improving your mental state every day is all we call a “Leadership simplified”