Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Fear, The Life and You

Fear is not an unknown entity to all of us. We have fear of losing, fear of future, fear of failure and sometimes fear of fear also :-)

I will not try to remove that fear from the roots but I am very much interested to redefine it for simplicity and better life perspective.

In most of the cases the fear gets worse when we don’t act on the factors that stimulate the fear within us.

So the best medicine of fear is “Act today so that you are not afraid of tomorrow”.

Exam fear, if we are prepared and if we can prepare better, why not to prepare ourselves today.

Presentation fear, the audience is not going to kill us if we are not making a good presentation but we are afraid because we are unprepared J why are you going unprepared?

Fear of lenders, can’t we prepare a schedule of payments to make sure we are on time? Or even if we are going to miss the dates of payment, it’s good to communicate and reschedule the payments and remove the fear.

Fear of not meeting expectations, did you set the expectations right at the other end? Did you communicated well to the person who expected something from you?

Fear of Child from the Parent, Why the child can be honest to the parent about their mistakes, no one would be unhappy if we show our honesty towards mistakes. The parents should be honest and transparent with their children so they inspire the love of parent and child, fear at either end would harm the relationship. Neither parent nor the child would prefer to do injustice to each other. So why to be afraid of being honest?

Fear of Losing, when we are afraid of losing, either we have a lack of confidence or we are always expecting a win, let me ask you this, can anyone win always? Then why there is a fear of loss?

We have to bring our confidence and positivity at its peak level so that one or two loses or few more should not let us down, keep moving and have courage to face the loss.  Winning is not important, it’s important that how we play the game of life, living with fear would certainly ruin the joy of life.

If we are ready, prepared and confident today, we can make this “Fear” an unknown entity tomorrow.  Even if we are not prepared, not ready, less confident, no worries please.

Let’s accept the situation with courage and prepare ourselves next time. Fear should not kill us; we have to kill the fear.