Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Things learned from the Movie “Sardar” ( biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel)

I love the political movies and Sardar is my Role Model.

Last week during Diwali vacation, I opted for Sardar, the movie based on works and biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the freedom fighter and visionary of united India.

Here are the quick learnings.

1.       Respect your leader (how Sardar respected Mahatma Gandhi, he called him Bapu).

2.       Strong determination can take you long way. ( Sardar wanted united undivided india and he didn’t let single stone unturned to make it happen, Viceroy requested to let go Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir, but he said that leaving these alone will not complete his mission)

3.       Negotiate for Public Interest, not just let go because the enemy is strong. ( Sardar negotiated the partition with Jinnah, if that would have not happened, India would have been different in geographically and financially, he didn’t give them military, he didn’t give them elite institutes, he allowed them to use till they ( Pakistan) build them new, he didn’t give them 100 crore but 50 crores only and that too in instalments, also offloaded some debt to them, such a great negotiation)

4.       Take people and society with you. ( Sardar took Hindu and Muslim both in confidence when partition happened and led from front, going and meeting people personally to insure their security)

5.       Service to the people is the service to the god. If he would have not taken Bardoli satyagraha, he would have not reached to people, then people supported him become the national leader.

6.       Maintain good relations, people will help you make impossible things possible. Sardar had good connections in British assembly in India, the insiders were giving him good insights of British planning for indian politics and how they initiated the partition.

7.       Stick to your principles, never compromise with them. Sardar respected Gandhi but he never missed the chance to tell him what is good and what is not for country.

8.       Have faith in your team. As a leader you should know strengths of all your team members and utilize them for improved results. Sardar led from front on various issues and then handed over various issues and responsibilities to his team members. He took help from expert legal advisors in partition and post partition he relied on various community leaders. He handed over milk revolution to Morarjibhai Desai.

9.       Take full control over thought and action. Sardar had complete control on what he talks and what he does, there was no difference in his thoughts and action. He never preferred to talk about himself, but he talked and acted on issues related to india and Indians.

10.   Do not be afraid of taking strong actions against enemies. Whenever required Sardar took military actions against Junagadh, Hyderabad, Kashmir emperors to integrate them into India.

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