Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing is wasted...Specially the Hard Work

Let me start with an important incident happened with Thomas Alva Edison, someone asked Mr. Edison that what did he gained by 23 trials of making an Electric Bulb, wasn’t it a waste of time for you? He deliberately said, No! it was not waste of time, Now I know there are 23 ways by which a Bulb Cannot be made. … Interesting Answer….Right...?

A positive note is that no effort is a waste, all efforts transforms to some lesson.

Few people are natural hard workers and never wait for results before their second effort, while some of us (I should say more of us) are looking for return on investment like a stock market. But life is not a stock market where return on investment is faster.

A popular and respected religious book Bhagwat Geeta in Hindu religion which is said to be gifted by Shri Krishna, it has clearly indicated that Do the Karma first (your task, your duties), don’t worry for results. If you worry for results, you will never do your Karma well.

I have heard people saying “Why should I Work More If I don’t get Results faster…”, true but believe me the results are not coming in a physical form or in a visible form always. The work done (hard work precisely) has following invisible results which are overlooked by many of us.

1. An experience of various things that could not be experienced without hard work

2. A knowledge of many of new technologies, people, processes that could have not been learned

3. A Perfection in our routine work, a faster work capability which cannot be gained by average worker

4. A chance of winning confidence of people around us, all of us like hard working people, why not you?

5. Above all, a capability and Brave heart to run things on our own without anyone’s help.

None of the above results are physically visible or neither of them could be achieved in a day or two, but if they are achieved, the physically benefits also come slowly but surely. In opposite to that, if physical benefits are received fast, the above given benefits have lesser chances of entering into your life.

Whenever someone works hard, he is the receiver of Direct Benefits, others get indirect benefits.
So a statement saying "Why should i give benefit to other, That's waste of my efforts" is possibly wrong, because the other person is indirect beneficiary, so the other person's gain is less anyway. If someone doesn't work hard just because other may gain it will possible harm himself than other.

Let me tell you the reality in society. I might get some criticism against that, I am prepared for it.

Big Corporate employ young Graduates from High Profile Universities. Why? Some of you would say because they want to grow their Business? True in one sense but here is the truth.
Big Corporate knows that those graduates have tremendous capabilities, if they join small companies, they will make those small into big companies and that will increase competition of corporate.

Rather they give fatty package to High university graduates and ask them to work for them in closed offices with amenities like Ac, mobiles, Bungalow, luxury trips etc.
So as a result, the person becomes addicted to that, doesn’t have to work for long hrs to get those all.

So end of the day we have a person with all Physical things but he will always lack the above 5 benefits. In absence of such 5, he will be always depended on big corporate and never be on his own.

Such physical things give a lot to your body but your soul will not be satisfied unless you do what you want to do in life.

In Small companies, People work hard, at small cost, they learn above 5 and probably more. So they become prepared to face any situation in life. In short their hard work is not wasted. The soul is satisfied, the body is tired and you get a good sleep in night.

One more example, A son of Rich person cannot fit a screw because he has never done it but a son of poor person can fit a whole machine because the hardship of his life teaches him do all his own. A son of Rich has high chances of becoming poor in absence of experience while Son of Poor has full chance of being a Rich one day because of his experience…..

Decide who is the winner in Life.. No need to answer Now.. We all know it …
have a great life ahead :-)

Put lot of hard work and it won’t be wasted at all.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Life is about experiences, trials and tribulations. That is what makes us stronger and better able to grow indivudually.

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

    I enjoyed your corporate explanation, I work for a small company and I wouldn't take it back for anything. I have learned every aspect of a business that it would take to have my own.

    Thank you again for wonderful insight!!

  2. Mahendra,

    I agreed on "Hardwork never a wasted", whatever we do wherever we are if we have winning and positive attitude and we do hard work it never failed. I liked the way you post and portrait your saying here, its a good insight.

    On the contrary I would not agree with you about the rich and poor's example. Its not about the poor or rich but its about the "enthusiasm to learn and adopt new things, intellectual, intelligence and attitude one posses" and that is what really driving one to become rich, not completely in sense of "physical".

    Secondly, I would like to shed something on "small v/s corporate" I worked in small companies and a corporates, the difference in both is corporate gives you complete infrastructure to learn to adopt new trades and traits of business where as in small companies have all these potential but the employees have to do it all themselves (just a budget is what restricting them), this is what I felt during my 10+ yrs of career.

  3. Hemant, I appreciate your comments. the rich and poor was a general example which is seen commonly in society. it doesnt fit all but it fits lot of people.

    The corporate, though gives a bigger picture, you hardly get the nerve of company, while in small company you know the whole process, that is what is called experience of life.

    Thanks again.

  4. Erin, As Always your feedback is helpful. Appreciate your time and efforts to review my blog.

  5. Great Thought Again....
    It is True "The Hard Work Never Wasted"..... But Hoping About The Result is also the Main Point If Some One Participating in the Race They Hope They Should Be The Winner.. and if they work hard they would be winner But Depending Upon Only The Result Will Fail Your Efforts.
    Dream & Hope also important with the hardwork. they are like foreign key....It Will Only Help When U Work Hard.


  6. Really, It is right and we all believe this things but in present time , very few people implement in life.In Holly book "Vachnam Mrut " in swaminarayan sampraday, The God Swaminarayan said that "Every people knows goods points and Bads Points but No body wants to implements because it is hard to implements but those who implements this things are teased by other who donot like". So due to this type of teasing environment, People avoiding to work hard and never wait for long time result but always implements such technique for getting result fast.

    You said that "Donot think about result but do your work or duties". It is right but "Dream and Expectation always inspire people to get result in good way ".
    So Expectation also important role for getting result.

    For Example

    " A student of Tenth Standard wants to get admission in Science and his dream is to become doctor" here a studen's dream always inspire him to get result.

  7. I believe the hardwork is required to run a race with more potential and energy, but decision of winning and losing is not up to us, failure one time could not be failure always.. A true hardworker always bounce back and start fresh for winning and he runs till he wins.

    Yes having a dream or a motive in life is essential, that keeps us moving... but expectations and dream are different things. Working hard was meant for doing "Karma" but it didn't mean to live without motive. So i would present it like "Expectations are for one time success while a Motive or Dream is for Working hard till the motive is not sufficed".

    In any case, Thinking of Long term benefits is advisable, short term gains can cause long term failure.

  8. Yes Sir, You are right .Dream is first step because it shows target. Expectation and will for dream is second step because it causes you to take step and Hard work is final step to achieve target but Keeping trust on your self and trust on god is power of hard work.

    Thanks for guiding and saying true things because sometimes listing and reading words helps in critical situation so good reading and understanding its deepness is really beneficial for every one

  9. Very Good post on Motivations.

    karim - Positive thinking


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