Monday, November 11, 2013

10 Things learned from the Movie “Sardar” ( biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel)

I love the political movies and Sardar is my Role Model.

Last week during Diwali vacation, I opted for Sardar, the movie based on works and biography of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the freedom fighter and visionary of united India.

Here are the quick learnings.

1.       Respect your leader (how Sardar respected Mahatma Gandhi, he called him Bapu).

2.       Strong determination can take you long way. ( Sardar wanted united undivided india and he didn’t let single stone unturned to make it happen, Viceroy requested to let go Junagadh, Hyderabad and Kashmir, but he said that leaving these alone will not complete his mission)

3.       Negotiate for Public Interest, not just let go because the enemy is strong. ( Sardar negotiated the partition with Jinnah, if that would have not happened, India would have been different in geographically and financially, he didn’t give them military, he didn’t give them elite institutes, he allowed them to use till they ( Pakistan) build them new, he didn’t give them 100 crore but 50 crores only and that too in instalments, also offloaded some debt to them, such a great negotiation)

4.       Take people and society with you. ( Sardar took Hindu and Muslim both in confidence when partition happened and led from front, going and meeting people personally to insure their security)

5.       Service to the people is the service to the god. If he would have not taken Bardoli satyagraha, he would have not reached to people, then people supported him become the national leader.

6.       Maintain good relations, people will help you make impossible things possible. Sardar had good connections in British assembly in India, the insiders were giving him good insights of British planning for indian politics and how they initiated the partition.

7.       Stick to your principles, never compromise with them. Sardar respected Gandhi but he never missed the chance to tell him what is good and what is not for country.

8.       Have faith in your team. As a leader you should know strengths of all your team members and utilize them for improved results. Sardar led from front on various issues and then handed over various issues and responsibilities to his team members. He took help from expert legal advisors in partition and post partition he relied on various community leaders. He handed over milk revolution to Morarjibhai Desai.

9.       Take full control over thought and action. Sardar had complete control on what he talks and what he does, there was no difference in his thoughts and action. He never preferred to talk about himself, but he talked and acted on issues related to india and Indians.

10.   Do not be afraid of taking strong actions against enemies. Whenever required Sardar took military actions against Junagadh, Hyderabad, Kashmir emperors to integrate them into India.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Existence of God

Existence of God

I have doubted existence of God in Physical format

I agree to feel him in the form of Mother Earth, Water, Air and the Universal Umbrella Like Sky.

But here my question is Do I have to ask any of the above to come and help me

Almost everything in life is automated.

Then why do people go to Temples, Mosque, Churches, Gurudwara or any other place to seek the blessings.

Why do we want to enhance our life just by blessings from someone whom we have never seen?

Just because it is believed that he/she knows how to solve our problems?

He is more powerful and he only can fight the odds?

Or just because we want to escape from problems or we want a quick solution?

We think he is a magician and he is meant to solve our problems and give us fortunes.

Ok, let’s do an experiment here.

Let’s believe it that all that I talked above is correct.

The super power, magician and the great god exists.

I feel sick, I go to temple and I come out well. Can I? If yes then lets close all hospitals.

I am hungry, I go to mosque and my hunger disappears, true? Then let’s close the shops of grocers.

I am poor, I am going to church and great god gifts me money, gold and all that I wanted. So I will stop working all the day and I will go to church thrice a day to get more money.

We know all this is not possible, all the above things we have to earn, no one serves the free meal.

But I don’t deny the existence of God, why?

He helps me to identify between right and wrong.

He helps me to walk, talk, live and breathe.

He helps me in to help others.

He exists within me, not outside.

No, I am not the God but am his own creation where he lives on his own.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Living a Bollywood life

Better late than never.
This applies to my blogging for sure, more than 6 months since my last post.
Bollywood has been the inspiration to many Indians and I am not exception.
Except few crucial years of life, I have been follower of Hindi Movies.
Hero: The stylist, The Macho, The fittest and The Romantic
Many times it has happened that after coming out of the movie I have started behaving like the hero. I speak dabbang style, I dare like Singham, Think like Amir or 3 Idiots and Sing like Rockstar. But sooner or later I have to realize that this is me and not a Bollywood hero.
It gives an immense pleasure even for few hrs to live like Bollywood style.
Heroin: The fantasy of all time
Falling in love with top heroine of the era is not new in India, I am bold enough to accept that I was in love with Madhuri, Aishwarya, Kareena and now I admire Dipika a lot.
What a glamour they show on screen, the clothes, the jewelry, the expensive cars and all that everything a middle class women being fantasying for decades.
Even for few moments, nothing wrong in living their way in dreams, few of us do benchmarking and mark their calendars to reach to that level. What a Live inspiration it is.
The Villon : Bad man is not very bad
Think of Villon and you will have few faces right in front of your eyes.
I know while you were reading, your mind processor has already thrown some famous Villons in front of your eyes.
Let’s name a few, The Gabbar, The Lion, Sambha, Kancha China, Gulshan Grover and Prem, Prem Chopra. They show the worse people around on screen, I hate them as characters and I love them most as an actor.
Don’t quote me on my words but many real life villons has inspired the onscreen villons.
Item Girl : Hate them but cannot ignore them
The best part of some of the movies is their item songs, in fact many of them have been known for their item songs only. The best in class beauty, exceptional dancing skills and killing attitude of item girls have given breath to many movies.
I love the dancing and best dance sequence comes from Item girls now a days.
Side hero and heroines: friends for life
We wish we could have friends like those as they are on big screens. The small roles of them do wonders, they set a great example of having good friends in life.

I cry sometimes when such friendship screenplay is in process on screen.

Mother and Father: They bring heaven on earth
Mother india was the great example of movies focusing on child parent relationship.
Then we talk about family movies like Hum Sath Sath Hai or the recent Yeh jawani hai deevani.
The short but inspirational speech of mother and father in a movie make a life worth living.

Movies are un breakable part of indian Life.
They teach us love, Affection, friendship, dance, style, dedication, patriotism and more.
I am not a filmy kida but I make sure I don’t miss a great Bollywood creation. 
This place is meant for learning, so I hope you enjoyed reading and learning.
If not read again, you will find one learning in each section of this post.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

સંયુક્ત કુટુંબ

વિવાદ નો માંદ્પુન્ડો આજે છેડવા ની ઇચ્ષા થઇ , મુદ્દો છે "સંયુક્ત કુટુંબ" નો .
મને એના ફાયદા કરતા નુકસાન વધારે દેખાય છે.

૧. જવાબદારી નો અભાવ ઘણા સબ્યો માં જોવા મળે. એક ને ખબર હોય કે આ કામ બીજા કરશે એટકે એક એ કામ કોઈ દિવસ કરવા ની તકલીફ નહિ લે અને લે નહિ એટલે સીખે નહિ. જીવન નીકળી જાય એમાં ને એમાં .

૨. બાળકો નો વિકાસ અટકે : કોઈ એક નવીન કાર્ય કરવા એક થી વધારે લોકો ની મંજુરી લો અને નાં મળે તો બાળક બિચારું નવી વસ્તુ નો પ્રયત્ન નહિ કરે. એમાં જો કાર્ય નવીન તકનીક નો હોય તો આઈ બની .

૩. એક નું બીજા પર આધાર : મારા માનવા પ્રમાણે સંયુક્ત કુટુંબ માં સૌથી વધારે ફાયદો નિર્બળ અને નિરુત્સાહી સભ્ય ને થાય છે જયારે ઉત્સાહી અને પ્રબળ વ્યક્તિ સારું કરવા છત્તા જોઈતી ગતિએ દોડી શકતો નથી

મારા વિધાનો કોઈ ને દુખ પહુચડી શકે , એની માટે માફી માંગી લઉં છું.

મંતવ્યો આવકાર્ય છે.