Sunday, November 29, 2009

The secret key of good communication

How you present yourself to others is more important than just being a specialist human being. You express yourself to the world by the medium of communication. Let’s don’t relate the communication to a specific language but knowledge of a language (especially English) is more important to be a good communicating personality.

Let’s put up some points here that differentiate you from others as a good communicator.

1. Break the silence: Believe me the silence could kill you virtually if you don’t speak, if you don’t present yourself, the world will never know what you are? Why are you there and what you want to accomplish. So please speak up with people, manager, colleague, coworker, friends because you need to make people feel your presence.

2. Respond to the questions: Sometimes a casual approach could cause a damage to your career. If you missed responding an email could cause you an increment in job, a promotion, a much desired position you always wanted or a much wanted sales lead you wanted to close. Every question thrown towards you should be replied, otherwise the questioning person will think either you are not capable or you are not interested in the opportunity he is willing to give you.

3. Stick to the point: It’s very important that you stay on track when you talk. A good communicator is not allowed to discuss about everything in the world but only the topic he started to discus. Always find the motive of discussion and take the first priority point first to discus. Do not drive yours or other person’s attention to anything else but the objective of discussion.

4. Repeat the important things: If you started to talk about something called “Topic 1”, you may have to repeat it for couple of times. The reason is if it’s a long discussion, sometimes the listener forgets the original point, so you have to remind the listener that we started with “Topic 1”, that makes your communication focused and fruitful.

5. Be Yourself : You should express "what you are" not that  "what you are not." its easy to catch a manipulation.

My personal experience has made me believe that most successful people are always good communicating people. The one having excellent skills and no communication faces a competition if he/she doesn’t communicate well.

Speak up and make the world feel your presence.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Positivity is the way of Life

Positivity is a magnet that attracts everyone around us. It spreads the positive signals in the environment and as a return we get the same response from people and environment. Positive people are the most influential people in the world.

What is Positive Attitude?
An attitude that throws away all negative forces and accepts positivity as a way of life is a positive attitude. An attitude that never accept failure as a lost but it accepts it as one of the way of success. A positive person never reacts on situations but acts on them.

Why should we practice positivity?
A normal human behavior is encouraging negativity, it’s very difficult to avoid a negative thought, the current media exposure is making it even worse to keep ourselves away from negativity. The negativity affects the thinking pattern and that reflects in behavior. It passes from one to other person and it takes very little time to spread in society. It can put family and society in trouble with major consequences. So it’s very important that we stop it at the beginning and take positive steps immediately.

How should we practice Positivity?
We can practice positivity in a very systematic way, just avoid the following things and you could be a positive force yourself.
1. Do not spread negative news among group. Verify if the news is genuine, even if it’s right, present to other that it doesn’t harm much.
2. Keep away from negative people, if you can change them that’s great, if you cannot, it’s good to avoid them.
3. Start a day with positive thoughts; feel like you have solution of all problems, and believe that if you cannot solve it, your god will solve it for you.
4. Smile is a good dose of positivity, spread it wherever you travel, most likely you will get a smile back from the other people.
5. Control your negative thoughts; train your conscious mind with your subconscious mind with positive thinking and positive thoughts.
6. Keep away from negative media, television serials, movies showing violence and any other form of external factor, which destroys all positive forces within you.
7. Watch positive movies, television serials, advertisements. A good dose of small positive thoughts will be enough to feed your inner soul with lot of positive energy.
8. Spread Positive news with toping of little more positive thoughts.
9. Avoid thinking what others think for you, focus on your life and make it happier because you are the epicenter of positivity.

A very good saying is “We see the world as we are”, if we are positive, the world reflects it and its true otherwise.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Develop a Sense of urgency

A Successful person is the one who has shown a sense of urgency in life. You cannot be a successful person if you wait for things to happen rather than trying to make them happen for you.

Certain things in life never come back if they are lost once, like an opportunity could be once in life time, if we don’t grab it, it’s lost forever. It’s essential to develop a sense of urgency to grab every opportunity in life before it’s too late to grab it.

A sense of urgency starts as soon as we start our day. If we have to turn up at work at 10:00 AM we cannot afford to get up late and then giving reasons to self and others for the late coming.

I would like to link this with professionalism, a good professional finishes his task on or before time so that he can feel a sense of completion than waiting for a long. Few very good people could develop a casual approach towards their tasks, here comes the delay and guess what; the task is more than double on very next moment because it was not done on time. Why do we do this? Why do we invite an evil while we could be an angel?

Now the question is why we should develop a sense of urgency.
1. A sense of urgency in task always avoids an emergency. We all know how difficult it is to handle an emergency. Not all of us are mentally capable to handle emergency.

2. It gives a peace of mind once we finish things on time or before time.

3. It allows us to do more in less time, because the task1 was done before time, let’s take task 2.. or 3 and finish that also. The more we do the better will be an experience and knowledge.

4. A timely completion leaves lot of time to spend on hobbies or any other liking.

5. Above all a true performer is recognized only after his great sense of urgency. People who delay are considered as sick areas of the institutions.

Do not wait till last moment to finish things you have on table, its like if you wait for a last ball of last over ( in cricket) so you can hit a winning shot, you may lose a game. Or if you wait for a penalty shot, you may not have enough to win a game (in soccer).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

People Management and Relations

Good and healthy relations can pay off for life time, it’s like planting a tree that gives short term and long term benefits at different stages of life.

We should value our relations with nears and dears, friends, colleagues, neighbors, vendors and clients. a relation once spoiled could be a loss of opportunity like cutting a tree which could have served us for life long.

We all almost know how to maintain relations but sometimes some behavioral oversight causes us a crack in relations, I would like to advice few of following tips that could help us build and maintain relations, it could be used by the leaders to manage people.

1.” Put yourself in other’s shoes “, this could solve many of the problems you have with others. Try to understand the other person, his background and his situation when he/she misbehaved with you. He might have been annoyed by situation, he might not be aware when he misbehaved. Try to understand the situation at other end, communicate with the person and try to find the fact than a fault. This would help you retain the relations.

2. “Ignorance is the slow poison for relations”, try not to ignore people or they will start ignoring you J. We start ignoring people for many reasons, sometimes we are busy a lot that we don’t care about others, sometimes intentionally we ignore because we believe we are better than others, under any case that leads to spoil a relation, we tend to lose a friend, a colleague, a client, a vendor who could have significantly contributed in our growth.

3. “Control the aggression or aggression will control you”, it’s good to be aggressive but for relations its all reverse, it’s always good to express compassion in relations than aggression. We should not do a conversation that could make us feel sorry about ourselves. Build courage to listen to an advice, a real truth about ourselves or take blame positively. If someone is communicating to us with our entire fault, a hidden truth about us or my inability to tackle a situation then it’s all what he/she thinks about us, and possible it could be a reflection of my behavior with that individual.

4. “Don’t wait to say Sorry or it will be too late to say that”, apology will surely put you in different stage in relations. Being an human, we are bound to make mistakes, but we always have chances to fill the gaps but our apologetic behavior. Express your caring feeling and the other person will be willing to go to any extent to retain relations with you.

“We have never seen the God and Might never see it in remaining life but God sends his agents around us in the form of relations to help us in difficult situations”

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take the pain and maximize the gain

The most difficult phase of life gives the best lessons of living; hard lessons could not be learned without facing the obstacles. Probably that is the reason there are few successful people, very few by luck and most of them are by virtue of taking lot of pain and sustaining it till they are successful.

Why should you take the pain? Life could be lived easier and in a most comfortable state. What is the need of thinking a lot and taking actions on it?
There is a need; because you wanted to be uncommon, you wanted to be focused and you wanted to get all what others could not. Why not?

What does it mean by taking a pain? Who should take it?
Taking a pain is doing something extra that others didn’t, thinking something more which others could not, working little hard which was avoided by others. Challenging your own abilities and overcoming the conditioning is also as good as taking a pain. It should taken by someone who wants to come out of the crowd.

What is something extra? Can’t it be just smart work?
Something extra could be related to hunger of learning more in less time, experimenting something new while still working on the routine. Believing in your own abilities and taking more responsibility than others is also called taking more pain. Smart workers can do it even better but smart work is not a synonym of hard work. While smart work can always lessen the amount of work, hard work gives an inner happiness of accomplishing something.

What is the gain? When should you expect it?
The gain could be a visible change in your living standard, your designation at job, a change of social status or an invisible gain like sustaining power in difficulties. A top level executive, A top level politician, a top level sports person or a spiritual guru could be seen as the gainers, they are those who have taken a pain of working harder than others, thinking different than others, caring more than others and surpassing all obstacles due to their higher experience in relative domains. The timing of gain may vary from a day to a year to a decade or more depending on your area of expertise and amount of pain you have taken. The more pain you take it, the more gain you get it, the more early you take a pain, the faster could be the result.

Example 1 : You are a marketer, you want to clinch a deal, so you are working on presentation, the day is over but presentation is not, you have taken a pain of leaving your sleep behind and completed the presentation, guess what? You made a good presentation and success comes to you, even if this deal is not worked out, you have an exception material which could be used for many other presentations.
You could have made excuses to your boss saying it was late night and your wife was not well so presentation was not over… pain and no gain…

Example 2 : You are an office executive, you are taking more responsibilities, due to that you leave office late, you are becoming the point of criticism because not all stay late, not all are taking more responsibilities. So what, if you are ok to take a pain, you get a bigger gain directly or indirectly, by getting recognition in the organization, a designation, and opportunity of learning more in less time and above all you become a close aid of management. You can escape all this pain saying all lot of stories, I have a family, I have friends, I stay too far, I am not healthy… no pain and no gain.

Exercise for you : Go out and find the people who have gained more, study their life and their past, note down t heir pains and compare their current gains. Have a great life ahead.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Power of Positive Visualization

Have you tried seeing your future well before it happens? Not yet? Try today.
I would like to describe today a great power of Visualization, it’s an art or it’s an effort to see something happening with open eyes which we want to see in future. Someone would call it Day Dreaming, but very few of us understand the Power of Day Dreaming.
Visualization gives us the glimpse of future, we should always tend to see good and positive things in future, and that gives us happiness today. We can use that visualization as a power to make the dreams into reality… don’t know how? Read as follows.

How to Visualize?
By this time we have realized that we should have some goal, we should have some dream to achieve in life, now take this exercise.
1. Think that you have achieved your Goal Today, See yourself in the position you want to be in future.
2. See very specific, the specific place, specific people, specific objects, environment and all.
3. See it like you are really dreaming, but this time with open eyes.
4. Keep yourself in that dream for a longer, because you are conscious this time, you can think and drive yourself around that dream.
5. Repeat this exercise frequently, daily or weekly whenever you get some time, spend in dreaming. That will make your dream stronger and you will get lot of energy to achieve them.

Example 1: You want to go to USA for work or any other place, you wanted to do it since long, but now do the above exercises, Feel like you are in America, see the Airplane landing on American land, see the foreigners around you, see the wide roads, polished cars, tall buildings. See yourself in a black suit, with a laptop (your brand) , talking in fluent English to colleague, eating burgers from McDonalds …. Be there for few more minutes…

Example 2 : You want to own a big bungalow, with a nice foreign made car, one for you, one for your wife/husband, one for kids, a wide garden with green lawn, probably a nice breed pet, some servants in white uniform, a driver for your car, security guards at the entrance of your house, yourself in a good expensive clothes with hubby loving you and all family members smiling.
In above two examples I have explained how you should visualize, be specific and dream with open eyes and drive yourself as close as you want it to be.

How does it help?
Some research has proved that positive visualization has given results better than expected. We have accepted that everything is possible but you have to give a right shape to your thinking power. So if you think right, you will see things happening to you as the way you wanted them. If they are not working that way, you must have not visualized it well in past.

Do not afraid of dreaming.
Never ever afraid of dreaming, it’s a virtue to human being to dream and god has given a purpose to it. If we dream well and specific, things will happen to us same way. Positive thinkers, Positive dreamers have positive results.

A story of my mother
My mother always dreamt of well being of me and my brother, she was not healthy but she was saying that I will die only after I see you brothers settled in life with at least one kid to each of you. She always wished to die before my father because she loved him a lot and then she said she will not die in hospital, she wanted to die such a way that it happens immediately to her ( a quick death) without suffering in hospital. Guess What happened to her?

She died with all above things happened to her, we brothers were settled with 1 kid each to us, my father was still alive and she died with heart attack that killed her in few minutes without hospitalization. So whatever she thought that happened to her, she might have visualized this all years back.

Different people have different goals, different dreams, different way of living life but dreaming it before they happens is important, then only it will really happen someday.

Cancer patients are given this treatment, so they can self medicate.

Differently able candidates know this theory very well and they win gold medals.

Jim carry ( the hero of movie The Mask) dreamt of a 1 Million dollar pay check for his movie when he was a struggler, he made it one day, now we all know him well.

Good luck, keep dreaming in a day time ( not for full day :-) )

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Nothing is wasted...Specially the Hard Work

Let me start with an important incident happened with Thomas Alva Edison, someone asked Mr. Edison that what did he gained by 23 trials of making an Electric Bulb, wasn’t it a waste of time for you? He deliberately said, No! it was not waste of time, Now I know there are 23 ways by which a Bulb Cannot be made. … Interesting Answer….Right...?

A positive note is that no effort is a waste, all efforts transforms to some lesson.

Few people are natural hard workers and never wait for results before their second effort, while some of us (I should say more of us) are looking for return on investment like a stock market. But life is not a stock market where return on investment is faster.

A popular and respected religious book Bhagwat Geeta in Hindu religion which is said to be gifted by Shri Krishna, it has clearly indicated that Do the Karma first (your task, your duties), don’t worry for results. If you worry for results, you will never do your Karma well.

I have heard people saying “Why should I Work More If I don’t get Results faster…”, true but believe me the results are not coming in a physical form or in a visible form always. The work done (hard work precisely) has following invisible results which are overlooked by many of us.

1. An experience of various things that could not be experienced without hard work

2. A knowledge of many of new technologies, people, processes that could have not been learned

3. A Perfection in our routine work, a faster work capability which cannot be gained by average worker

4. A chance of winning confidence of people around us, all of us like hard working people, why not you?

5. Above all, a capability and Brave heart to run things on our own without anyone’s help.

None of the above results are physically visible or neither of them could be achieved in a day or two, but if they are achieved, the physically benefits also come slowly but surely. In opposite to that, if physical benefits are received fast, the above given benefits have lesser chances of entering into your life.

Whenever someone works hard, he is the receiver of Direct Benefits, others get indirect benefits.
So a statement saying "Why should i give benefit to other, That's waste of my efforts" is possibly wrong, because the other person is indirect beneficiary, so the other person's gain is less anyway. If someone doesn't work hard just because other may gain it will possible harm himself than other.

Let me tell you the reality in society. I might get some criticism against that, I am prepared for it.

Big Corporate employ young Graduates from High Profile Universities. Why? Some of you would say because they want to grow their Business? True in one sense but here is the truth.
Big Corporate knows that those graduates have tremendous capabilities, if they join small companies, they will make those small into big companies and that will increase competition of corporate.

Rather they give fatty package to High university graduates and ask them to work for them in closed offices with amenities like Ac, mobiles, Bungalow, luxury trips etc.
So as a result, the person becomes addicted to that, doesn’t have to work for long hrs to get those all.

So end of the day we have a person with all Physical things but he will always lack the above 5 benefits. In absence of such 5, he will be always depended on big corporate and never be on his own.

Such physical things give a lot to your body but your soul will not be satisfied unless you do what you want to do in life.

In Small companies, People work hard, at small cost, they learn above 5 and probably more. So they become prepared to face any situation in life. In short their hard work is not wasted. The soul is satisfied, the body is tired and you get a good sleep in night.

One more example, A son of Rich person cannot fit a screw because he has never done it but a son of poor person can fit a whole machine because the hardship of his life teaches him do all his own. A son of Rich has high chances of becoming poor in absence of experience while Son of Poor has full chance of being a Rich one day because of his experience…..

Decide who is the winner in Life.. No need to answer Now.. We all know it …
have a great life ahead :-)

Put lot of hard work and it won’t be wasted at all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Asking right questions

Do you know assumption is a killer of relations? Expectations are always difficult to fulfill unless they are clearly defined.
When we are in relation with someone (friend, father, mother, wife, siblings, kids, clients…) we start assuming something and that increase the level of expectations from receiving person. Now here is the catch, the other person if having his very strong (6th) sense to find your expectations, he will surely meet expectations but if that is not the case (most likely) then you face a clash or frustration towards the individual. If this happens couple of times, then god only is the savior, especially when it’s the relation of love, marriage or friendship. (People cannot break blood relationship very often but other than that all relations are open for breakage)
Question comes to the mind; did we set the expectation right? Did we inform the person in advance that we are expecting this much in this time duration? If no then sorry but we were the epicenter of this entire clash that could be major if we don’t control at the beginning.
A theory of asking right question can save lot of damage. By asking a right question especially at right time is as good as pioneering a success in relations. DO NOT HASITATE TO ASK QUESTION, NO MATTER HOW STUPID IS THAT : - )
A stupid question is much better to ask then replying intelligently without objective.
Asking questions not only saves relations but it builds a base for long terms success and peace of mind. The questions could be from either end, if you are the person who wants someone to do something for you, better to ask now that “my dear, I am expecting this from you, do you think you can? When? If not why?” . It might sound illogical (certain cultures doesn’t permit it also ) if such questions are asked in blood relations but I believe it’s high time to be open in relations, no matter how close they are. Because at least you are reducing chances of hurting someone unknowingly.
You could be at receiving end, you are a son of father, brother or husband, better to ask “Can you tell me something that how we can make our relations better, What shall I do that can make you happy? Did I hurt you sometime in past?”. Try this;
Believe me you will come across something really shocking, you will know if that person was hurt some day by you or what you are doing wrong with that person.
So next step, improve and keep asking the questions.
Talking about business relations, the key to retain clients, Ask questions.
Now a days clients are not sitting close to you, you cannot just drive and reach them, so relation with them has become crucial. They asked you some project work or some product, expected a lot, you didn’t knew it and here is the clash.
Interview the client, ask them what do they expect, do they have any deadline for this? And then set expectation right, Only if you are capable to finish , tell them yes you will sure try it and if you are not, better say no.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How good are you?

How Good Area you?
When we are living a common life and busy in day to day activities, we really don’t know our value of existence. We really don’t know how precious we are to various people around us. I would like to make an effort to make you realize how good you are, that would surely make you feel special.

How good are you At Home
do you know when you are not at home, there are various eyes waiting for you to come back? Your wife, your kids, your parents, your neighbors (sometimes :-)).
If you are good to your family & friends, being calm and suggestive, helpful to them, you are favorite to them. Not only that, your family is known with your name due to your reputation. People outside call your family with your name… “oh this is Mr. X’s family, oh such a nice person Mr. X is”… “oh Mr. X made his family so strong financially…I wish I could have a son/brother/husband like him…”
Your nature of helping others and achieving fortune created a whole new environment and new name for your family….
is this true for you? Have you created such environment? Hopefully yes and if not, I am sure you will do it soon.

How good are you At Work?
sometimes we feel, Can me alone do anything for my work place? The answer is yes, one individual can do a lot than a group. Your presence at work place creates an environment and an image of your company. Your feeling about the company not only motivates you but plenty of people around you. Not only around you but people outside, clients, vendors and associates could be inspired. When you work hard, your employer is benefitted by one or other way, he makes money, if not money then a reputation, if not reputation then by earning a new client.
Your approach, your attitude towards work, your professionalism can create positivity in environment. People outside when they see you, would say… “Hey this must be a good company because Mr. X works for this company”…. “Oh that company where Mr. X works, we would love to do business with them”…. These could be the possible comments given by people outside. So see how important you are for the company you work…. The whole impression of the company, the whole business of the company is dependent on you and I am sure you know this well.
So when you come to the work place, feel like most valued personality and Work like a most responsible person.

How good are you In Society?
How healthy you are? How clean you keep outside your home? How often you help a child to cross the road or how often you offer a lift to elderly people? Have you helped a new comer in the city? All above applies to your personality. Your city, your neighborhood is rated based on your own behavior and attitude towards life. A one good help to neighbor can make the whole family or society make feel proud. .. “Oh this is a great neighborhood, great apartment, I wish if I could get a Flat in this area”… why would people say that.. Because they might have experienced your attitude when you were helping someone… “Oh such a clean city is this, I will visit again…”... Because you kept your neighborhood clean, the outside would love to visit it again.
So dear Mr.X, be a responsible citizen, love your place, love your work place and love your family. Give them the maximum you can because YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Business but Not Just Money

I would like to compare business with a common ecology system existing in the nature since the inception of the world. The business is not just done to make money but to run an ecology system which connected everyone around us and gives livelihood to you and me.
You cannot imagine a society without a business and businessman. Three essential outcomes of a business are as follows.

1. Employment generation: every business needs manpower. When manpower joins a business, an employment is generated in society, so with one business, hundreds or thousands of people earn their livelihood.

2. Need of vendors: A business supports a business. Almost all businesses needs goods, equipments, raw material, machinery or technology to support their business and for that you need a vendor, so a vendor runs his business based on one business requirements and this is how the whole cycle runs. One supports the other and other supports another few.

3. A reason to live and chance to achieve the dreams: Think what you and me would have been doing if we would have not been employed or we would have not been in business. Our body and mind needs to be engaged at something somewhere :-) . A business gives employment or business to other and this is how money circulates in market and that money helps all of us to achieve our dreams. One wants to marry, one wants to go abroad, one wants to have home, other wants to own a car…. Blah.. blah..blah.. All is possible because we are working.

Now, earning a profit from the business is another most essential thing. You cannot think of business without some profit. A business if earns a profit, that will again put the same money back into the ecological system. He will hire more people so more employment in the market, produce more goods, supply to market and earn little more again. During that he will ask more raw materials to his vendor and that vendor will also increase his supply to business.

The last but not least, the business brings the solution of problems in day to day life. Consider the situation if the railway bookings would have not been automated or computerized? Consider if there would have been only one mobile operator or there would have been no mobiles? , or going back home, consider if there was no grocery store near your colony?
They are all businesses that brought solutions of your problems, without them life would have never been easy :-)

So consider business and businessman as a the important objects of ecological system, they run the social cycle and as a return they earn some money to run their families :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Me, My Time and My Goals

I would like to describe the importance of time and goals in everyone’s life.
There is a difference between a dream and a goal, the dream is a thought or unclear picture of a goal. If that unclear picture or a thought converted into tangible plan then it becomes the goal.

The vast majority of people in this world have failed to convert their dreams in to reality because of two reasons. One reason is either they have never shaped their dream into a goal or the second reason is “full of excuses” for almost everything. I cannot do it, I don’t have time, my job doesn’t permit this, I have kids, I have wife to be taken care, my parents are not well…. The list could be infinite for excuses.

So the only options remain with “excuser” is either to wait for miracle to happen for dreams coming true or just stop dreaming, because such people don’t have a right to dream.

Now coming to the Next steps for “Dreamers”, those who have converted their dreams to goals or they really wish to try at least. It’s essential to analyze how you spend your day at work or at home.

Remember “Each day should bring you closer to your goal”, a waste of time can slowly take you away from your goals.

A waste of time at work or home is very common, simple belief in all of us is “it doesn’t matter to employer if I spend few minutes here and there”. Yes employer doesn’t have to do with it but that time is of yours, few minutes here and there end up several minutes at end of the day. Sometimes hrs of wasted time will delay your goals coming to reality.

Let me describe how to waste a good time, let me chat with friends, let me check few of my mails; let me see what is new on yahoo/google/msn/….., let me see new jobs around, let me read news of the day, let me listen to music, let me see Video of friend on youtube, let me sit down with friends and discuss politics, what obama is doing today, … I am sorry I am tired of describing all but the message is “You know where you waste time, can you save it?”. No friends, no yahoo google, no youtube, no longer breaks or any other like them are going to help to build a base for making your dreams coming true. Then why.. why did you spent time with them?

Excuse No.1 for above, “I am sometimes bored of my work so I see around other things”, that’s great. If you are bored of work, I believe you are not doing the work that suits to you, leave it and find other work for you. If you are tired or frustrated, go out for a while in open air, have some juice or coffee and come back to work.

Excuse No.2 “Why should at all I have goals, I am happy where I am ”. This is most dangerous, things will not be same and it takes fraction to change the scenario. Do you have plans to tackle the change?. Make money, develop skills, own a property, go abroad, take any of the goal if you cannot think beyond it. Finally if nothing works, take a social cause, teach the under privileged, earn money to donate, help non profit organization to raise money for social cause… I think these are enough ideas to have at least one goal in your life… “you should have a goal because you are alive and you have to prove your existence in the world”

Saving of time and being sincere to your goals can bring you closer to your goals every day. If you want to go abroad, do you know what the formalities are? Do you know what skills you need? Do you know how much will you earn abroad? Have you prepared yourself for all skills and experience? If not spend time everyday and get closer to your goal.

If you tackle with excuses and if you save lot of time for you ( to work on your goals) , yes you can achieve them.

At last, I would like to describe a social factor that helps to achieve your goal. You should discuss your goal with other people; they can help you achieve it. Like Your employer, your friend, your colleague, your parents or siblings. Sometimes they criticize you for not being sincere to your goals but take it as positive criticism and stick to the goal till it’s achieved.

Good luck.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It’s Good to be an Idiot

Yes you have read it correct; it’s good to be an idiot, because I believe being an idiot means being creative, and creativity has no limitations. See more qualities of idiots as follows.

1. Idiots don’t know how things are done, so they just think that it has to be done at any cost.

2. Idiots are not surrounded by technological, educational or social barriers, so there is almost nothing which stops them to do things well.

3. Idiots never think of possibility when taking responsibility, they just take it as an objective and fulfill it.

4. Idiots never refer a history of the task, weather someone has already done it before? They do it in any case without worrying too much on history of that task.

5. idiots are not worried about end results, they know that there is nothing they can lose , so why to worry about losing.

Most successful people in this world have proved that things can be done well without getting too much of education, being too much technical or knowing lot of sociology.

Bill gates ( Microsoft) was a college dropout, Steve Jobs ( Apple MAC) was college dropout, Dhirubhai Ambani failed in SSC ( Reliance), Mahendra Sing Dhoni has never gone to college.

If they can do it, why cannot we do it after being highly educated, skilled…..its just a matter of thinking as an idiot.That will take away all the barriers from our mind.

Steve Jobs said it: Stay Hungry … Stay Foolish.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creator of Destiny

I have seen two kind of people in my life.
One type is Creator of Destiny and Another is Dependent of Destiny

Now see the qualities of Creators of Destiny.

1. The one who believes he can create his own path of success.
2. The one who believes in long term relations with people.
3. The one who creates the winning teams.
4. The one who builds confidence in his superiors and his juniors and make them believe that we together can make our destiny
5. The one who never shays away from problems and Always correct them immediately.

Now see the Dependent of Destiny

1. The dependent has a habit to run away from problems.
2. The dependents are always seeking a comfortable place so they can live life at ease.
3. The dependents are never confident of their skills so they seek a bigger tree to live under the shadow.
4. The dependents are constant movers, they move from one tree to other… smaller to bigger so they can even live a more comfortable life.
5. The dependents do not have a courage to build a fortune, so they are hardly reliable and believable by their team.

Which category is suitable to you?
Believe in Yourself, Grow and let Others Grow and Build a fortune for you and people around you.
Running away from problems is directly proportionate to running away from destiny.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Me?

Why Me?

This is the question you ask yourself when you are distressed with the job or you are asked to do something which is not done by others. Find the reasons of “Why me?”

1. Because your superior is thinking that you can do it but you are not doing it.
2. Because you are capable and the only real jewel among the other imitation jewelry .
3. Because you seem to have potential to go beyond the limits and Do something good for you, for company or for Society. Not everyone is capable to do so.
4. Because your hands can pull others and help others grow a step ahead.
5. Because it looks like you can lead and take the position of your superior one day.
I think the reasons above should answer the question of “Why me?”
Now it’s up to you to take the opportunity and be the next leader
Or just ignore your superior’s requirement and let the opportunity go away from you.

Now look at the same question from spiritual point of View, “Why Me?” , most of us ask this question to ourselves when we are troubled by circumstances. Find the answer by your GOD

1. Because Mr. GOD Believes you can sustain the resistance better than others.
2. Because Mr. God thinks that after the problems you will enjoy the benefits.
3. Because Mr. God thinks you are in trouble because you don’t want to put others in trouble.
4. Because Mr. God thinks you will be a better person tomorrow if you sustain the trouble today.
5. Because Mr. God thinks you will be the Winner after the long run of trouble, not everyone can run longer in Pain.

Have a faith in Mr. GOD, because you are His Choice to groom you with unique qualities, higher resistance, higher patience and a Lovable person everywhere.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who is Customer?

I have seen people being afraid of Customers and I have seen people loving their customers.
The Later type of people have higher success ratio in business because they Understand The Following Points.

1. The Customer is the person who runs our house and office with their money.
2. The Customer is the person who challenges our abilities to perform beyond our capabilities.
3. The Customer makes us known in rest of the world. The customer creates our brand.
4. The Customer is a Great Teacher, And That Teacher pays us for teaching :-)
5. We never know the value of quality work unless we have customer feedback or complaints.

Love your Customer, They just want the best out of you on time at given rate. Can You do it for the sake of above Points... ?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Cracked Pots : A Story

A water bearer in China had two large pots, each hung on the ends of
a pole which he carried across his neck.

One of the pots had a crack in it, while the other pot was perfect and
always delivered a full portion of water.

At the end of the long walk from the stream to the House, the
cracked pot arrived only half full.

For a full two years this went on daily, with the bearer delivering only
one and a half pots full of water to his house.

Of course, the perfect pot was proud of its accomplishments, Perfect
for which it was made.

But the poor cracked pot was ashamed of its own imperfection.

And miserable that it was able to accomplish only half of what it had
been made to do.

After two years of what it perceived to be a bitter failure, it spoke to
the water bearer one day by the stream.

"I am ashamed of myself, and I want to apologize to you. I have
been able to deliver only half my load because this crack in my side
causes water to leak out all the way back to your house. Because of
my Flaws, you have to do all of this work, and you don't get full
value from your efforts," the pot said.

The bearer said to the pot, "Did you notice that there were flowers
only on your side of the path, but not on the other pot's side? That's
because I have always known about your flaw. So I planted flower
seeds on your side of the path, and every day while we walk back,
you've watered them. For two years I have been able to pick these
beautiful flowers to decorate the table. Without you being just the
way you are, there would not be this beauty to grace the house?"


Each of us has our own unique flaws. We're all cracked pots. But it's
the cracks and flaws we each have that make our lives together so
very interesting and rewarding.

You've just got to take each person for what they are, and look for
the good in them. Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be
bent out of shape.

Remember to appreciate all the different people in your life.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Leadership Skills : Never Change your Plans, Never Compromise with Circumstances
& Believe in Yourself. This is the prime quality of a Great Leader.

There might be a time when it seems you are far away from your goal but then it
might be the day or situation which makes you think like it.... Don't worry and
keep moving towards your ultimate goal,never giveup.
If you have started it that means you are half way done.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Most Common reason of Frustration is
You want to do something but For different Reasons you are not doing it.

Most common excuse for Not doing what you want to do is "I don't have time"

Here is the tip. Try it

Prepare a list of Things you do everyday
Also there should be tasks you do in weekend.

Prioritize them according to their importance.
Most important thing could be the work you cannot live without.
The least important thing could be , the thing which could be avoided for few
days or even for a week.

Have some sense of delegation, there is always something you can delegate to
your workers, your wife or sometimes your kids.

"I ask my 2.5 yrs kid to close the windows at night when I am reading a book because
I am Tired :-)"

At the end of this simple Exercise, You will find you have lot of Time for

Use that time to do what you wanted to do and See the level of frustration you
have now.

Last tip : Don't get frustrated for the things you don't want to do but you get
influenced by others and want to try. Not everyone is same.

Happy :-)

A Happy life can bring more creativity in you.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Be a good listener

Quote :
"There is a difference between hearing and Listening.
Be a good Listener if you want to be successful in life "

"Hearing is the work of Ears and that is as good as hearing a noise,
Listening Involves your attention and Focus of Mind, So please listen
Carefully when your Customer ( Internal or External) is speaking."

-Motivation Guru

Monday, March 30, 2009

What you see is what you get

If you Desire something, the best way to Get it one day is Start Visualizing it
from Today itself.
Visualize very specific, Think that you already have that thing, in same color
you want, in same shape you wanted in same quantity and at same place. be

many goals can be achieved through visualization.

If you want a new car, visualize the car in your mind's eye or picture it in
your driveway.

Then make your visualization more effective by imagining
yourself in the driver's seat,
feeling the luxury of the seats,
enjoying the fabulous sound system,
smelling the new car smell, and enjoying the feeling of
acceleration and handling of the vehicle.
By making your experience as full and
complete as possible, you will be sending out many messages to the Universe to
fill your order for a new car.