Sunday, May 17, 2009

Business but Not Just Money

I would like to compare business with a common ecology system existing in the nature since the inception of the world. The business is not just done to make money but to run an ecology system which connected everyone around us and gives livelihood to you and me.
You cannot imagine a society without a business and businessman. Three essential outcomes of a business are as follows.

1. Employment generation: every business needs manpower. When manpower joins a business, an employment is generated in society, so with one business, hundreds or thousands of people earn their livelihood.

2. Need of vendors: A business supports a business. Almost all businesses needs goods, equipments, raw material, machinery or technology to support their business and for that you need a vendor, so a vendor runs his business based on one business requirements and this is how the whole cycle runs. One supports the other and other supports another few.

3. A reason to live and chance to achieve the dreams: Think what you and me would have been doing if we would have not been employed or we would have not been in business. Our body and mind needs to be engaged at something somewhere :-) . A business gives employment or business to other and this is how money circulates in market and that money helps all of us to achieve our dreams. One wants to marry, one wants to go abroad, one wants to have home, other wants to own a car…. Blah.. blah..blah.. All is possible because we are working.

Now, earning a profit from the business is another most essential thing. You cannot think of business without some profit. A business if earns a profit, that will again put the same money back into the ecological system. He will hire more people so more employment in the market, produce more goods, supply to market and earn little more again. During that he will ask more raw materials to his vendor and that vendor will also increase his supply to business.

The last but not least, the business brings the solution of problems in day to day life. Consider the situation if the railway bookings would have not been automated or computerized? Consider if there would have been only one mobile operator or there would have been no mobiles? , or going back home, consider if there was no grocery store near your colony?
They are all businesses that brought solutions of your problems, without them life would have never been easy :-)

So consider business and businessman as a the important objects of ecological system, they run the social cycle and as a return they earn some money to run their families :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Me, My Time and My Goals

I would like to describe the importance of time and goals in everyone’s life.
There is a difference between a dream and a goal, the dream is a thought or unclear picture of a goal. If that unclear picture or a thought converted into tangible plan then it becomes the goal.

The vast majority of people in this world have failed to convert their dreams in to reality because of two reasons. One reason is either they have never shaped their dream into a goal or the second reason is “full of excuses” for almost everything. I cannot do it, I don’t have time, my job doesn’t permit this, I have kids, I have wife to be taken care, my parents are not well…. The list could be infinite for excuses.

So the only options remain with “excuser” is either to wait for miracle to happen for dreams coming true or just stop dreaming, because such people don’t have a right to dream.

Now coming to the Next steps for “Dreamers”, those who have converted their dreams to goals or they really wish to try at least. It’s essential to analyze how you spend your day at work or at home.

Remember “Each day should bring you closer to your goal”, a waste of time can slowly take you away from your goals.

A waste of time at work or home is very common, simple belief in all of us is “it doesn’t matter to employer if I spend few minutes here and there”. Yes employer doesn’t have to do with it but that time is of yours, few minutes here and there end up several minutes at end of the day. Sometimes hrs of wasted time will delay your goals coming to reality.

Let me describe how to waste a good time, let me chat with friends, let me check few of my mails; let me see what is new on yahoo/google/msn/….., let me see new jobs around, let me read news of the day, let me listen to music, let me see Video of friend on youtube, let me sit down with friends and discuss politics, what obama is doing today, … I am sorry I am tired of describing all but the message is “You know where you waste time, can you save it?”. No friends, no yahoo google, no youtube, no longer breaks or any other like them are going to help to build a base for making your dreams coming true. Then why.. why did you spent time with them?

Excuse No.1 for above, “I am sometimes bored of my work so I see around other things”, that’s great. If you are bored of work, I believe you are not doing the work that suits to you, leave it and find other work for you. If you are tired or frustrated, go out for a while in open air, have some juice or coffee and come back to work.

Excuse No.2 “Why should at all I have goals, I am happy where I am ”. This is most dangerous, things will not be same and it takes fraction to change the scenario. Do you have plans to tackle the change?. Make money, develop skills, own a property, go abroad, take any of the goal if you cannot think beyond it. Finally if nothing works, take a social cause, teach the under privileged, earn money to donate, help non profit organization to raise money for social cause… I think these are enough ideas to have at least one goal in your life… “you should have a goal because you are alive and you have to prove your existence in the world”

Saving of time and being sincere to your goals can bring you closer to your goals every day. If you want to go abroad, do you know what the formalities are? Do you know what skills you need? Do you know how much will you earn abroad? Have you prepared yourself for all skills and experience? If not spend time everyday and get closer to your goal.

If you tackle with excuses and if you save lot of time for you ( to work on your goals) , yes you can achieve them.

At last, I would like to describe a social factor that helps to achieve your goal. You should discuss your goal with other people; they can help you achieve it. Like Your employer, your friend, your colleague, your parents or siblings. Sometimes they criticize you for not being sincere to your goals but take it as positive criticism and stick to the goal till it’s achieved.

Good luck.