Sunday, February 19, 2012

Character Building is a Necessity or Complicity?

Character Building is a Necessity or Complicity?

Now this is something for new parents or aspiring parents.  Proven lessons I learned I from my mother and father.  

My parents, especially my mother was almost illiterate. But somehow she believed that she will build a social animal (like me  J ) that would make her proud some day. Where did she learn these lessons only god knows but she took mine and my brother’s character building as complicity.(Other’s take it necessity and fail sometimes) 

1. Let our personal priorities take back seat; this is quite difficult but important stage in building a character of a child. Involve yourself in their day to day life.

2. Do not tell them your problems; they may not understand it at their age. Be creative if you want to give them a glimpse of what you are going through.

3. Discipline is the key. Don’t be liberal to everything. 

4. Don’t let them be afraid of you, let them respect you while they keep loving you for long.

5. Communication of their problem openly is important; let them speak in front of you and family.
6. Keep reminding them about the long term goal of them or what you expect them to be

7. Reward their small achievements, don’t punish hard for mistakes but don’t forget to tell them the mistake.

8. Help them doing their things in a better way, that’s am easiest way to be friends with them.

9. Encourage their specialty and find a professional way of grooming their god gifted skills.

10. Forgive them but do not forget them, make sure they inform you for whatever they do in day to day life.

11. At teen age, don’t mind to give them difficult tasks and let them do on their own way. Spoon feed is not allowed.

12. Develop a down to earth personality in them, show them the poor and needy and tell them that one day they have to help them. 

13. Do not do anything in front of them that you do not want them to do. No Smoking, No Drinking, No sex, No Abusive language should be used in front of them.

14. Keep them away from media,movies, games that promote aggression/fight/killing. Exposure to such things develop a negative mindset and over aggressive nature. 

15. Tell them the stories of good karma, great people that inspired you and society. Be it Geeta, Kuran, Bible or Ramayana, read/see/listen yourself first, keep telling good things of those to the children. 

Character building in today’s scenario takes lot more effort than it used to be, due to the influence of media, internet and so many things. 

But keep your self up to the date with latest trends and keep learning new ways of grooming your child. Happy parenting. 

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  1. Suddenly i have found this site. i am very much impressed by the work done by Sharma sir. Thank for being with us.

    1. Thanks Jagesh, It's a pleasure to see your feedback

  2. I think playing games on internet increase brain capacity so let kids to play challenging and creative games on internet. Restricted exposure of kids to the internet brings fabulous results.

    1. I recommend to make your children live real life, virtual life and virtual play may take them away from real life play and fun.


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