Monday, December 5, 2011

Daily Motivation: What is special about today?

It is today which is going to make all the difference in your life.

It is today that was not yesterday and that will not be tomorrow to you.

Like yesterday, today has started with its own importance and reason; did you find the reason for Today?

Believe me; if you don’t find the reason for today, you are going to lose today again like you did yesterday. But No, today you have to make a great day that you could not yesterday.

Oh; so why was it lost yesterday?  because you didn’t care and let it passed by like any other day.

Didn't you?

Here is a wonderful poem on daily motivation I have written for you to take by heart.

You have to move ahead and make the difference today.
The whole world is waiting for you, to think and do something for you and them today.

Your success; your achievements are waiting for you today.

It’s not really easy; it’s a difficult day today.

You are alive, you are healthy and you can do everything today.

Change if you can, make if you can, build if you can today.

Wake up, arise, and step ahead towards the goal today. ( swami vivekanand )

Fight if you can, finish if you can and bury all your obstacles today.

It was Gandhi, it was newton, it was napoleon that did this someday.

But it’s your turn now, do it today.

Its magnetic, its energetic, its fantastic day today.

You are alive, away from grieve; so don’t just survive,

Change the circumstance, make the difference and do it today.

Think if you can, plan if you can, but run little fast today.

(For your studies)
Gain the knowledge today, read the Geeta and Bible today
If it’s lost, if it’s gone, if it’s past, you would never get it today.

( for society and needy around)
There are hungry, there are needy, and there are lonely today.
Feed them today, retrieve them today, and are there to cheer them today.

( for your parents)
They want you here, they deserve your care while  they are there.
Heal them today, rejoice them today,

( about your goals)
Meet your passion, show your compassion, and delete the depression
With heart full of cheers, greet them today

(For Your family)
You offered a shelter, you offered a love
Now they need little more, give them today

(Finally for almighty god)
He was watching you yesterday, he will do it tomorrow but he will do it today
He wants you to listen; he wants you to feel, he wants you to meet him today.

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