Friday, June 8, 2012

Gita Quotes

Here are the lessons taught in Bhagawad Gita, from Shri Krishna to Arjuna in Mahabharat.

1:- Perceiving the world as ‘Me and mine’ gives rise to attachments, ‘You and yours’ to jealousy, both deserve to be shunned.

2:- Service to humanity is the true treasure worth aspiring, for it purifies our inner being and conquers all desires.

3:- Man falls into a sinful state, when attainment of material desires and sense gratification become the sole pursuit of life.

4:- One who has risen above desires and conquered the hankering of the senses, recognizes the divine nature of all beings, even though outwardly seen performing action in reality performs selfless action.

5:- Smallest of offering made by a true seeker I accept, and reward him as my true devotee. Therefore, whatever your endeavors be, when performed as an offering to me, will free you of their consequences.

6:- Those who worship my manifested from, I regard as my devotees and the ones, who worship my un-manifested from with their senses under control, engaged in the welfare of humanity become ONE with ME.

7:- The one who remains equanimous in joy and sorrow, praise or criticism, poverty or plenty has transcended qualities that constitute the binding nature.

8:- One who has attained the supreme consciousness overcomes the play of senses is known as a ‘Yogi’. For him the material world with its temptations stands dissolved, forever.

9:- ‘Maya’ arising from a combination of lust and desire is the force that drives a man to self gratification – it binds the soul to the material world.

10:- One who dedicates all action to ME, is ever absorbed in contemplation of the supreme being, giving up all attachments and serves fellow beings, attains MY eternal state.

11:- True bliss is a state where adversity and sorrow do not exist, an ever contended state – it is like a medicine which in the beginning appears bitter, but in truth, purifies from within.

12:- Surrender your complete being and all action to Me. You will attain to an eternal state of bliss from where there is no coming back to this transient world.

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