Thursday, October 29, 2009

Develop a Sense of urgency

A Successful person is the one who has shown a sense of urgency in life. You cannot be a successful person if you wait for things to happen rather than trying to make them happen for you.

Certain things in life never come back if they are lost once, like an opportunity could be once in life time, if we don’t grab it, it’s lost forever. It’s essential to develop a sense of urgency to grab every opportunity in life before it’s too late to grab it.

A sense of urgency starts as soon as we start our day. If we have to turn up at work at 10:00 AM we cannot afford to get up late and then giving reasons to self and others for the late coming.

I would like to link this with professionalism, a good professional finishes his task on or before time so that he can feel a sense of completion than waiting for a long. Few very good people could develop a casual approach towards their tasks, here comes the delay and guess what; the task is more than double on very next moment because it was not done on time. Why do we do this? Why do we invite an evil while we could be an angel?

Now the question is why we should develop a sense of urgency.
1. A sense of urgency in task always avoids an emergency. We all know how difficult it is to handle an emergency. Not all of us are mentally capable to handle emergency.

2. It gives a peace of mind once we finish things on time or before time.

3. It allows us to do more in less time, because the task1 was done before time, let’s take task 2.. or 3 and finish that also. The more we do the better will be an experience and knowledge.

4. A timely completion leaves lot of time to spend on hobbies or any other liking.

5. Above all a true performer is recognized only after his great sense of urgency. People who delay are considered as sick areas of the institutions.

Do not wait till last moment to finish things you have on table, its like if you wait for a last ball of last over ( in cricket) so you can hit a winning shot, you may lose a game. Or if you wait for a penalty shot, you may not have enough to win a game (in soccer).

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