Sunday, November 15, 2009

Positivity is the way of Life

Positivity is a magnet that attracts everyone around us. It spreads the positive signals in the environment and as a return we get the same response from people and environment. Positive people are the most influential people in the world.

What is Positive Attitude?
An attitude that throws away all negative forces and accepts positivity as a way of life is a positive attitude. An attitude that never accept failure as a lost but it accepts it as one of the way of success. A positive person never reacts on situations but acts on them.

Why should we practice positivity?
A normal human behavior is encouraging negativity, it’s very difficult to avoid a negative thought, the current media exposure is making it even worse to keep ourselves away from negativity. The negativity affects the thinking pattern and that reflects in behavior. It passes from one to other person and it takes very little time to spread in society. It can put family and society in trouble with major consequences. So it’s very important that we stop it at the beginning and take positive steps immediately.

How should we practice Positivity?
We can practice positivity in a very systematic way, just avoid the following things and you could be a positive force yourself.
1. Do not spread negative news among group. Verify if the news is genuine, even if it’s right, present to other that it doesn’t harm much.
2. Keep away from negative people, if you can change them that’s great, if you cannot, it’s good to avoid them.
3. Start a day with positive thoughts; feel like you have solution of all problems, and believe that if you cannot solve it, your god will solve it for you.
4. Smile is a good dose of positivity, spread it wherever you travel, most likely you will get a smile back from the other people.
5. Control your negative thoughts; train your conscious mind with your subconscious mind with positive thinking and positive thoughts.
6. Keep away from negative media, television serials, movies showing violence and any other form of external factor, which destroys all positive forces within you.
7. Watch positive movies, television serials, advertisements. A good dose of small positive thoughts will be enough to feed your inner soul with lot of positive energy.
8. Spread Positive news with toping of little more positive thoughts.
9. Avoid thinking what others think for you, focus on your life and make it happier because you are the epicenter of positivity.

A very good saying is “We see the world as we are”, if we are positive, the world reflects it and its true otherwise.

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  1. This is great! If you ever get a chance read "The Secret" there is also a movie: There is also another great read called "The Power of Now by Ekhart Tolle.

    I can't agree more. My grandmother has always taught me to be a positive thinker and it the worst secenarios I always try to do this. She was recently very ill and we almost lost her. I believe that her strong positive thinking got her through her illness. She is now well again and enjoying life.

    I would also encouage everyone to read as much about positive and present thinking, it's truly an asset to life!



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