Friday, August 20, 2010

An Interview with Life

I would like to present some of the glimpse of my recent interview with Life

Life : What do you expect from me?
Me : Oh a lot.

Life : Good, describe few so I can give you some.

Me : Three things at least, 1. Price 2. Popularity 3. Peace

Life : great, So how soon you want the Price ( Money )?

Me : hmm very smart, As soon as possible?

Life : Ok and then, who and how will you use it?

Me : simple, will spend, save and make more money for me and family?

Life : And then?

Me : then what? I will soon become popular because of my money?

Life : So you believe money can make you popular? Have you heard about Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Vallabh bhai patel, George Washington, Thomas Alva Edison?

Me : Yes great personalities. They are remembered now and forever.

Life : Yes Me too remember them because they lived the best of the life ever, I asked the same question from them that I asked you and the answer was different.

Me : Hmm so you have been asking this question  to all, well what was their answer?

Life: will tell you later, so what next after popularity?

Me : Oh nice question, I will be a Happy person, I will get Peace then after.
Life : I don’t think so, remember Lady Diana ( wife of prince Charles, wasn’t she popular ) and how she died in lack of peace in life? Gurudutt ( the great indian actor), Meena Kumari ( great indian actress) All of them had money and popularity but they didn’t had peace in life.

Me : Oh my god and I thought money and popularity can give me a peace in life.

Life : No my child, that is wrong perception.

Me : Then what should I do to get the peace?

Life : You know the answer, peace is within you and in your activities.

Me: But what do I do to get the peace? I Don’t understand

Life: Ok let me ask you simple thing? Have you ever served water to some one ? How do you feel then?

Me: I feel good to give but giving is the peace?

Life: Nope the joy of giving and doing something for someone is peace and doing an act that could benefit a group of living being is peace.

Me: So I should do social service? Then when should I care for my family?

Life: Your family will ask only what you give them, if you give less they expect less if you give more, they expect more. Now it up to you that you are giving more money to them or giving more happiness to them. Try to give them both and see where they are happy. With money or with moments of happiness?
Exercise: Take family to a super mall, do lot of shopping, then eat in expensive cuisine, watch movie in expensive theater, come back home and keep a note of level of happiness.

Then next time take them to a simple park or just a peaceful place, talk a lot about good old days, take their opinion on past and future, plan something for future together ( after retirement life etc ) and then note the level of happiness. Make sure you do it free flow without planning anything, just let the moment go by and you and family can enjoy it.

No need to tell me where you found the more happiness.. You know the answer.
Me : Hmm will try this, probably I know what you mean.

Life: I have given meaning to everyone’s life, there is a purpose behind living, when you know it then we might not have to schedule interview again.

Me : But one last thing, shouldn’t I earn money then?

Life : You can but create a wealth where everyone benefits. Remember God has made you capable to earn the money because there are various who are not fortunate to earn like you do.
Anyway, thanks for your time, God Bless You.


  1. Sir,
    Really an Interesting article.. it is true Peace is more then popularity and money. they r matters but not as much as peace matters.

    Thanks For Posting.

  2. Amazing Interview..I have never ever read in my life and I think I will not read lifelong.

    Sir BUT there is one true fact, is that everybody say that money and popularity are not so important in Life EVEN they invest their whole day to earn I am also one of them.. Might be you are also one of them :)(Not sure..just gave you example..dont take personally).

    I have seen many IT savvy which spend almost 12-15hours toward PC.

    Please correct me IF I am wrong.

  3. Hardip, we should consider money as a by-product ( a secondary product ) of work well done. The primary products are satisfaction ( inner satisfaction) of working hard, a time well spent in creativity/productivity ( A karma well done). I am also working hard but I expect my own satisfaction of doing good enough ( this gives me good sleep in nights after hard work), earning a good livelihood for family and making enough money to help others for those who cannot earn if they wish.

  4. Fantastic interview with life, I think we should all do it to help us build a prospectus on our priorities.

    I will share this bog if you don't mind ;)


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