Tuesday, June 8, 2010

value creation does pay off

Value creation applies to all level of working professionals from a small business to big business or even an employee or consultant. Value creation has been discussed so far in terms of business and organizations only, but I would like to take first step to describe it for both, business and worker.

As an employee, let me explain how you can create a value for yourself.
1.    Your attitude can create a higher level of value in you; your employer would love to retain you forever if you have created an inspiring personality within you. If your efforts contribute higher towards the growth of the institution you are working for, you have created a value for you.

2.    Your professional skills helps you increase your market value, find out what is most demanding skill in the market, learn it, create a report, present to management and see how it does a miracle for you. Good communication could be a great skill to have. 

3.    Improve your efficiency, quality and quantity of the work over a period of time, so your employer doesn’t have to think twice when he reviews your profile.

4.    Taking additional roles and responsibilities will surely help you improve your value at workplace.

For Entrepreneurs on how to create value for their organization
1.    Install a process in the organization for almost every function
2.    Create profitable model of business
3.    Project yourself well and your organization as a growing organization
4.    Provide the best quality service
5.    Make yourself available to customer
6.    Retain customers for longer period

If you have created a value in your business, in your role, in your skills, personality, there is always someone to pay a good price for it.

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  1. Professional values and ethics are the principals which help us determine our actions and conduct in any given profession.
    Professional values is a list of items that tell us about things which are important, ethics guides us and drives our sense of what is right or wrong within each given professional value.


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