Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stay Focused, Stay Objective

Our surroundings try to influence us every bit of time, it’s up to us what to take and what to neglect. That is what called focused approach or an Objective thinking practice.
Communication with others and communication with yourself will give you an indication of whether you are talking subjective or objective.

Let’s first understand what subjective thinking is
1. A thought or discussion which is based on an individual. Example “Mr. X is not a good person, Mr. Y is a nice guy, Mrs. Z doesn’t like me”
2. A discussion about any living or non living entity, “This table is good,”, “That politician is not bad”…
3. A criticism towards an individual or organization or a process. Discussion about the problem is also a subjective discussion.

Now if above is subjective, what is objective thinking
1. A discussion bound to an entire process or organization or society or nation.
2. A discussion or a thought regarding a solution of a problem.
3. A discussion or a thought not about a person but the circumstances that made a person good or not good.

Why objective thinking is better than Subjective thinking?
The objective thinking means we are talking about the unfriendly circumstances that could be improved and any living and unloving entity could get the benefit of improvement.

The objective thinking lets us stay focused to overall objective and rather than thinking individuals, we can think of whether the objective is being sufficed or there are barriers to suffice it.

The objective thinking keeps us away from being in judgmental role for any human being or non human being. The judgments are always relative and may get influenced by so many circumstances.

There is really no need to be subjective about others and worry on behalf of them. 

The subjective thinking keeps us away from our creative thinking.

The subjective thinking can take us away from overall objective and it may indulge us in unnecessary controversies.

We should be Objective bound and not subjective bound. An objective bound thinking can keep us focused towards individual or organizational goals. Subjective thinking will do opposite of it.

So let’s take a call, let’s think what was the purpose of our existence at one place (at our role, our position), do the best we can to suffice the objectives of our life, our organization, our society, our nation and then the universe.

All the above entities are expecting us to do better than the best and its only possible if we think only about objectives and keep ourselves focused on meeting the goals and stay away from individualism.


  1. I am agree with your thoughts "The objective thinking is better than the subjective thinking " but i am not totally agree with this statement because it is depend on circumstances and situation.

    let's see .....why

    suppose,there is one home and there is fire in that home and fire is expanding gradually. there is also many people in that home but some are burning and other are still safe because of fire still not reach to them but after sometime they maybe in danger.some people who are burning are my relative also. what should i do ? if i am there.

    what type of thinking should i follow "subjective thinking or objective thinking " ?

    if i follow subjective thinking (Save my burning people only ) then i can save only my relative and i will lose other people and my home also.

    but if i follow objective thinking ( trying to stop fire ) then i will lose my relative who are currently burning.

    so as a human being , i try to save burning people first so i follow subjective thinking and then i will try to stop fire so then i follow objective thinking .

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  3. Guys, If you look at the blog title, its a motivational blog, its about achieving goals, making a life easier to live and giving a purpose to your life.

    The message of Stay Objective, Stay Focused was meant more for your work life.
    It also meant for thinking direction.
    Think only which is useful to you or society or someone, thinking that has no direction, thought that has no objective is not a useful thought.


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