Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Loving Yourself

Isn’t it a strange topic right? We have been talking to love our work, love our parents, and love our friends…. And what is this, Love Yourself? Yes. We have been missing this very important thought for numerous occasions in life.  Let’s talk on this today.

Most of us are so good in our lives that we always victimize ourselves and keep punishing ourselves mentally (or sometimes physically), have we ever thought that we are a nice living being and we should love ourselves equally that we love others?

Making mistakes, taking decisions ( right or wrong), falling apart is always a human nature, what if the mistakes grow larger, what if decisions are proven to be wrong, what if we are not as good as our peers, is this something we should be worried about, or rather we should take an action and correct it? Choice is yours, Worrying kills and Action builds.

Lets explore some techniques and learn how to better love ourselves.

A question we ask ourselves : I wasted so many years doing this, Oh My God such an Idiot I was?Dear Brother/Sister, it was your decision to do something that you now consider as a waste, so where is the question of wasting. No time is wasted, it gives you an experience that helps in long term, build a patience in life. If you think there is a better way to do it, do it now, if you hate yourself then you will never be able to correct your mistakes.  Love yourself, accept mistakes and go ahead.

We Quastion our Ability : I don’t have a sense to judge right or wrong.

Let’s accept this as a destiny. The almighty God wants us to do something and we do it, if it happens to be wrong, we should have courage to accept that as a decision from heaven. And if there is something is possible to be correct, let’s try and correct it. If it’s not a correctable judgment, let’s learn a lesson and move ahead.

Forgive and Forget.

You have to forgive yourself for the mistakes like you do for others, forget the chapters of life that have left unpleasing experience in the life.
Balancing Act

If something happened that you didn’t want to do and it happened, try to balance it by doing something that you wanted to do and make others and yourself feel proud of it, a balancing act would always reduce the pain of unhealthy thoughts.
Shed the tears but don’t forget to laugh

Shedding tears is an act of most courageous individual if you do it for right cause. But make sure you laugh enough in a day to pay the price for those tears.  Laughing is the best gift we can give to ourselves, so let’s don’t wait for it, and gift it to you today :-)

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