Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Decision Making, Difficult or Simple?

Making a decision, right or wrong but they do change lot of things in our life. It’s difficult job but there are scientific ways to make it more systematic and less painful.

Let me describe few to help you

1.    Ask yourself that if your Yes will be more beneficial or your No would be more meaningful for certain decisions.

2.    Calculate the advantages and disadvantages of Saying Yes or Saying No. Put that on paper. so It becomes easier to read and decide if this decision will give more benefits or more problems for you in future.

3.    Put up long term benefits and long term issues on paper based on decision.. what is more important for you.

4.    Is the decision is inline with your passion or your dreams you have been seeing with open eyes, if yes then take a step forward but if its just a timely thing and short term, think twice. Its better to take the pain and run without the decision than taking it and keeping burden of it on your shoulders.

5.    If 1 to 4 seems to be confusing, tell your problem to your nearest friend, tell him to view the situation as he was you and what he would have done if this was the situation.

6.    Don’t keep decision long pending, it hurts when things are not moving and you are ignoring or delaying them.

7.    Don’t follow others blindly unless your inner voice accepts decisions

8.    Don’t consider other’s situation for certain decisions, because different people make different decisions in same situations. Closely monitor your situation and analyze points 1-4, if the benefits are higher then go ahead and if things are not showing promising, pull out the things.

9.    Have a faith on your Blink, your first reaction. For whatever decision you make, what was the first reaction came into the mind. Was it yes.. Then ask yourself why this was yes and if it was No why your first voice from inside was no.. You will get the answer.

10.    Build strength within you and make yourself 100% available mentally when you take a decision, because half hearted things never work well in long term decisions.

I have tried the tricks above and it has helped me to take certain decisions well, you may try and tell me if things work for you as well.
Take bold decisions, even if they hurt in short term, they give good long term benefits.

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