Sunday, July 8, 2012

What is Spirituality and Religiousness?

Let me present my thoughts on spirituality and religiousness, this is what I understand based on my knowledge so far, it may differ in different sources of information available online or offline.

Touching a sensitive topic is full of risk but I wanted to differentiate religiousness and spirituality ; most of the people feel that both are same, but actually they are not.

Religiousness defines the god in physical format; Spirituality accepts the existence of God but it never gives a physical form to it.

Religion defines the god as defined in the books; Spirituality has defined the god and its existence by examples and real experiences

Worship is done in religiousness; practicing principles of goodness is done in spirituality.

Here loving the god is religiousness; Here loving the creation of god is spirituality.

Religion defines boundaries while spirituality has no boundaries.

Religiousness makes you happy during the rituals; spirituality gives happiness from inside forever.

Religiousness may doubt the existing of god when found in unbearable situations; spirituality makes you believe in existence of super power and you feel that its all planned and you are only the source of making things happen that are planned for you.

God gives Darshan (view) that's believed in Religiousness; Spiritual people find the god inside and in creations of lovely things by god.

A religion is a relative theory, it tells you do this and your wish will come true, spirituality is a sure shot thing; it tells you to keep doing good things to others and good will happen to you.

A religious person travels till the million miles to meet the defined god; the spiritual person keeps travelling life long to satisfy the inner greed of making god made people prosperous and hunger free.

A spiritual person believes in all religions and accepts the existence of all beliefs along with the universal law
"Live and Let live and help them to live".

The article is somewhere inspired by Bhagwad Gita and Karma theory of Shree Krishna.

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