Sunday, July 8, 2012

Where is my customer?

  20% of your customers will give you 80% of your business. So this states I have to retain what I have to grow from where I am.

Most of the organizations have this major issue of retaining the customers; in fact some of them become a test lab for their competition.

So what are the reasons; why a customer leaves you and never comes back? I would like to explain it by two examples here.

This morning I went to my snacks parlor, he is the one I have been buying my snacks for nearly 4 years now. I bought something for me and my wife. Went home and here is the surprise. One of the snack that I bought had already lost the taste because it might have been cooked last night.
Imagine the reaction of my wife, "Hey! Forget this snacks parlor, I don't want to eat anything from this buddy in future. " 

What is the lesson; do not sell or propose under quality product. Make sure you deliver the best and make sure you test it 10 times before you sell to customer. Let me tell you this snacks parlor is very old in area and making good money but if I am a lost customer, he might have lost more in recent past.

Example 2 : I visited our garment merchant, this again is the same one from where my wife is shopping for 5-6 years now.
The shop had less customers, I felt fortunate that this time I will save time. Gradually I realized why there were less or almost no customer beside me.
The products offered to my wife had less variety, the approach was this "I offer this many items only; if you wish you may check other stores in the town"
Huh!, then I suddenly found that the sales girl was exchanging words with other customer on her repair work of garments she bought last night.
My reaction this time, "Honey, since they wish we should try other stores, why not to visit others this time"

So here is the lesson #1 : If you have been offering good varieties, keep doing, if you stop adding varieties, the customer feels that you are no longer interested in business.

Lesson #2 : never exchange words with one customer if there are other customers around, because it might be a mistake of first customer but the other customer will always feel that he will be treated same way.
Communication; that is another major issue in service industry. If the proper message is not conveyed to the customer in proper manner and on right time, customer feels they are ignored on this shop, let's see the other shop.

The approach that makes the difference, if you let them feel that they are important to you, they will make you feel special. But if you count them like one in many, they have various options too.

Never compare one customer to other, some are demanding and some are calm.

As a seasoned business person or customer account manager, deal with them differently. Especially with demanding customer, be straight and be clear, have a note of everything if possible.

Though certain customers do go away but if they leave with good taste in mouth, they will return soon.

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