Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tips for startups and micro sized companies

Tips for new entrepreneurs, startups or micro size companies : my own learning

1. Control your cost and increase your income
2. Strive for continual income
3. Install some people tracking and work tracking mechanism
4. Don’t just rely and depend on your people, check everything they do
5. Don’t think you are the boss, It doesn’t work in current scenario
6. No marketing/sales staff at the business start if you can , add them gradually
7. Don’t hesitate to fire people,  you can’t afford to continue a useless resource, that will eat out your own salary
8. Communicate to your customer often. They are paying your bills.
9. Work hard to deliver the good quality of service or product, you can’t just win on competitive prices of yours because for price customer comes once, for quality the customer is retained for long
10. Priorities should be clear, if you have started business, that should be top priority and anything else should be last. Personal priorities have ruined many startup businesses.
11. You cann't afford to sit down in a cubical and expect your people to do miracles for you, you have to sit down with them and let them know your ambitions. Help them to achieve and then they will do miracles for you.

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