Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Creator of Destiny

I have seen two kind of people in my life.
One type is Creator of Destiny and Another is Dependent of Destiny

Now see the qualities of Creators of Destiny.

1. The one who believes he can create his own path of success.
2. The one who believes in long term relations with people.
3. The one who creates the winning teams.
4. The one who builds confidence in his superiors and his juniors and make them believe that we together can make our destiny
5. The one who never shays away from problems and Always correct them immediately.

Now see the Dependent of Destiny

1. The dependent has a habit to run away from problems.
2. The dependents are always seeking a comfortable place so they can live life at ease.
3. The dependents are never confident of their skills so they seek a bigger tree to live under the shadow.
4. The dependents are constant movers, they move from one tree to other… smaller to bigger so they can even live a more comfortable life.
5. The dependents do not have a courage to build a fortune, so they are hardly reliable and believable by their team.

Which category is suitable to you?
Believe in Yourself, Grow and let Others Grow and Build a fortune for you and people around you.
Running away from problems is directly proportionate to running away from destiny.

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