Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It’s Good to be an Idiot

Yes you have read it correct; it’s good to be an idiot, because I believe being an idiot means being creative, and creativity has no limitations. See more qualities of idiots as follows.

1. Idiots don’t know how things are done, so they just think that it has to be done at any cost.

2. Idiots are not surrounded by technological, educational or social barriers, so there is almost nothing which stops them to do things well.

3. Idiots never think of possibility when taking responsibility, they just take it as an objective and fulfill it.

4. Idiots never refer a history of the task, weather someone has already done it before? They do it in any case without worrying too much on history of that task.

5. idiots are not worried about end results, they know that there is nothing they can lose , so why to worry about losing.

Most successful people in this world have proved that things can be done well without getting too much of education, being too much technical or knowing lot of sociology.

Bill gates ( Microsoft) was a college dropout, Steve Jobs ( Apple MAC) was college dropout, Dhirubhai Ambani failed in SSC ( Reliance), Mahendra Sing Dhoni has never gone to college.

If they can do it, why cannot we do it after being highly educated, skilled…..its just a matter of thinking as an idiot.That will take away all the barriers from our mind.

Steve Jobs said it: Stay Hungry … Stay Foolish.

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  1. Yes sir , You are right, Idiot is one of the person who keeps the capacity of changing world.

    I hear many things about some idiot person and there is only one summary behind all idiot life's story. Summary is below.

    A idiot person always learns and analyze the reason behind Whatever things occuring around him,whatever happing with him,whatever he lost,whatever he got.

    After analization, he thinks about best way for doing best than past and implements in his life.

    They says "Learn something from small and big events" because every events of life teaches you But need eyes to see that things.


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