Thursday, April 2, 2009


Most Common reason of Frustration is
You want to do something but For different Reasons you are not doing it.

Most common excuse for Not doing what you want to do is "I don't have time"

Here is the tip. Try it

Prepare a list of Things you do everyday
Also there should be tasks you do in weekend.

Prioritize them according to their importance.
Most important thing could be the work you cannot live without.
The least important thing could be , the thing which could be avoided for few
days or even for a week.

Have some sense of delegation, there is always something you can delegate to
your workers, your wife or sometimes your kids.

"I ask my 2.5 yrs kid to close the windows at night when I am reading a book because
I am Tired :-)"

At the end of this simple Exercise, You will find you have lot of Time for

Use that time to do what you wanted to do and See the level of frustration you
have now.

Last tip : Don't get frustrated for the things you don't want to do but you get
influenced by others and want to try. Not everyone is same.

Happy :-)

A Happy life can bring more creativity in you.


  1. Hi... ill give my comments after completion of my check list on time..
    Ankit Parashar

  2. Ankit, Did you experiment my Time Management, I wanted to see your review?


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