Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Me?

Why Me?

This is the question you ask yourself when you are distressed with the job or you are asked to do something which is not done by others. Find the reasons of “Why me?”

1. Because your superior is thinking that you can do it but you are not doing it.
2. Because you are capable and the only real jewel among the other imitation jewelry .
3. Because you seem to have potential to go beyond the limits and Do something good for you, for company or for Society. Not everyone is capable to do so.
4. Because your hands can pull others and help others grow a step ahead.
5. Because it looks like you can lead and take the position of your superior one day.
I think the reasons above should answer the question of “Why me?”
Now it’s up to you to take the opportunity and be the next leader
Or just ignore your superior’s requirement and let the opportunity go away from you.

Now look at the same question from spiritual point of View, “Why Me?” , most of us ask this question to ourselves when we are troubled by circumstances. Find the answer by your GOD

1. Because Mr. GOD Believes you can sustain the resistance better than others.
2. Because Mr. God thinks that after the problems you will enjoy the benefits.
3. Because Mr. God thinks you are in trouble because you don’t want to put others in trouble.
4. Because Mr. God thinks you will be a better person tomorrow if you sustain the trouble today.
5. Because Mr. God thinks you will be the Winner after the long run of trouble, not everyone can run longer in Pain.

Have a faith in Mr. GOD, because you are His Choice to groom you with unique qualities, higher resistance, higher patience and a Lovable person everywhere.


  1. Thank you for sharing beautiful idea with us.
    As i feel that there are two kind of people:
    1. Those who do the work and get success.
    2. Those who take the credit.

    So we should always try to be in first group, there is less competition.

  2. Alpa, you are correct in your thoughts

  3. thanks for sharing and motivate.


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