Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome Problems, You are my teachers

Welcome Problems, You are my teachers

There is no better teacher in life than the Problems themselves. If there would have been a light across the day and night, there would have not been Bulb Invented by Mr. Thomas Alva Edison. It was the problem of darkness in absence of sun, that made Mr. Edison to think of alternate source of Light and he invented the bulb, not only that he capitalized very well on his invention by forming General Electric company now known as GE.

It puzzles you when the problem comes and shakes hand with you (sometimes it hugs you as well :-) ), immediately a question arises that why has this problem came to me? What went wrong?

Here comes the destruction, frustration, low indemnity and energy goes down to bottom.

Here is the trick to avoid all above.

Change the perspective of looking at the problem.

Consider a problem as an examination that you have to take before you can get reward for all your hard work.  Take the examination with high level of confidence; you need to believe that it’s just the test you have to clear with good marks. You need to believe that you are capable to overcome all the hurdles that come towards the way of success.

And the magic begins, once the problem is solved, you can look back and see what a miracle you have achieved. Now let’s take a revision.

What if there was no problem, you would have been all relaxed but an unused entity. You would have not learned to live in unfavorable conditions, your confidence level would have not been so high that is now, in short you are a much better person now than before.

So let’s welcome problems  ( don’t create them :-) ) , because there is no better teacher than a Problem itself.


  1. Yes sir problems are our really good teacher.I just want to add one line.........
    Smooth roads never make good drivers, Clear sky never makes good pilots, Problem free life never makes a strong person. So don't ask life why me? Instead say Try me!!!!!

  2. Alpa, The last few words of yours were interesting

  3. Mahendrabhai, It is very true about above. We should be optimist always towards life's every up-downs


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