Monday, December 19, 2011

Why Winners only have Plan A?

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Why Winners only have Plan A?
Do you aim to do something in your life? Are you sure about it?

What if you don’t achieve it? Do you have Plan B and what if Plan B fails?

If you have Plan B and subsequent plans, I am sorry to say you may not be the winner.

I am not kidding when I am saying this.
The winners have only plan A and they keep working on it till they successfully execute it.
While people of other group (I didn’t want to write losers ) have always Plan A, B, C… and so many.

“Keeping things safe is always a plan to die”.

The winner will never seek the safety but a surety of winning on his plan,

That means “Winners also fail but they never fail to start again”.

The psychiatric or scientific reason for this is, when you work on only one Plan, that means your “Plan A”, you are putting your 100% of mental and physical energy towards it. In other words your Plan A gets 100% of justice from you. If something gets justice of that class, it’s bound to happen some day.
In other case, your energy is scattered across various plans, you are not ready to fall and get up again, so you plan 100 different things to avoid failure, guess what?
Your energy is now not working on one plan but various plans, we have our limitations as a human being, so when we have different plans on hand, we might get little success in all but the joy of 100% success comes only when we achieve 100% of what we wished to achieve.

The questions you should ask to yourself,

What do you wanted to achieve?

Have you justified your Goal today?

Have you inched towards your goal today?

Have you every thought, why the world has few successful people?

Do you believe that successful people are the only qualified or highly deserving people for that success?

If you think that, you might be wrong, successful people are not the only deserving people but they are the only few, who kept working towards their Plan A. while others like you and me kept thinking of Plan B, C and more….

What if Amitabh bachhan would have thought of plan B after his failed attempt to secure a role in Movies? We would have not seen the great actor today?

What if Sachin Tendulkar would have also played Football and tennis as his Plans B and C, we would have not seen the great cricketer today.

In opposite to that Salil Ankola ( a forgotten cricker and actor) had various plans, he failed in cricket so he tried in acting, he failed again and now he is nowhere.

Sabir Bhatia, when he was focused towards innovation, he invented Hotmail and made himself millionaire. Then after he started to work on various products and nothing reached near to his past success. Why? The person was same but the plans were scattered.

Based on examples and experience of mine so far, I strongly believe that if you want to be successful, an achiever, keep working on your primary plan A. your chances of success will be always higher. Believe in your plan and put your 100% towards that.

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