Monday, December 26, 2011

Positive Self Talk, A friend for Life

Self talk is like an auto installed program which is installed in the computer of your Brain.
You have been using it unknowingly for many years but you never realized its good and bad uses.

So in so many terms you have never explored the potential of Self Talk.

I would like you to think over it today and experience a great benefit of Positive Self Talk.
Why Am I Saying Positive Self Talk?

Because you have been using Negative side of Self Talk more than Positive Self Talk.?

How and When?

Well every time, almost every day we have been talking to ourselves and telling us something those are not really positive words.

I won’t get parking space today :-(

I might get fined by Traffic Police :-{

I might lose this :-|

Aren’t you saying this to yourself? That’s what we call Negative Self Talk.
Such negative self talk leads to undesirable results.

But we can change our life by changing our Self Talk program.

Slowly and gently but gradually we have to convert our self talk from negative to positive.

Gentle start should be good, don’t panic and never tell yourself that you should not think negative, If you tell this to yourself “don’t think negative”.. you are increasing your panic by criticizing yourself. 

Start gentle, start slow but start steady. Just change the words that you speak to yourself.


Positive Self Talk is a process of installing smaller updates to your installed program in brain 
Instead of saying “I wont get a parking space” please say “I will most likely get a parking space today” .  Keep saying this to yourself daily.

And some day that “most likely” will become “I will sure” once you have matured in positive self talk.

Positive self talk is a scientific process, telling positive things to yourself will bring positive changes in life.

Consider Self talk as a nearest and dearest friend lives with you all the time. Would you prefer to tell him/her negative words or positive words?

Of course you won’t talk negative to your nearest friend, then why not to speak positive to self?

Positive self talk is a slow and steady process, so keep saying good and positive words to yourself daily and you will notice a great positive change in your life.

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