Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Know yourself; that is your first Karma

Know Yourself
We end up spending too much of time to understand what is around us, but you will have hard time to reply this question “Do you know yourself?”

The question has lot of practical value as well as spiritual value.

I would take a practical approach towards answering this question, this might help you do a self-analysis.

I won’t be surprised after doing a self-discovery or knowing yourself you will find a totally different person living within you.

OK, so let me ask you this.

When did you felt an electrifying current within you? Off course on a positive side of this effect :-).

Memorize why did you felt that? (Write that activity somewhere please, I will ask this again) .

As per my experience, when we have such extreme feeling, that is the activity we have loved more than anything else in life.

Next question , When was the last time you felt so relaxed that the whole body weight of yours came to almost zero?

(This questions is not for physics lovers, I don’t want to learn that zero gravity theory again :-) )

So you remember what made you feel like this? (Write that activity somewhere, I might remind this again)

Let me ask you a little difficult question now.

When was the last time you did something and you felt like you are almost committing a crime?

(Write that activity and we can take this later in this blog)

What is the thing you do with lot of physical or mental stress and you still don’t feel tired?

What is opposite to that? Where you do a bit and feel bored/tired/stressed vry quick?

(Write all those aside please)

Now here is the clue.

The activities we love to do, where we feel an electrifying current within us, those are the things that excite us, and we should choose such things to align our career towards that activities. Believe me , you will be a most successful person.

The activities that relax you more than anything else, we should do it frequently, regularly. By doing it at frequent intervals, you will improve your happiness index or in other words you will be happiest person on the earth.

The act that deprives you, that make you feel like a criminal are the acts you should avoid doing. It could be a very minute thing, it may not be a crime actually but if it breaks your moral down, that is a crime because you are making yourself unhappy by doing such. So why to repeat such acts.

The acts that make you feel bored/stressed very quickly are the acts actually not meant for your kind of personality.

Something where you never felt like tired, you keept doing it without looking at the clock, are the acts where you should try your career.
The exercise for you is this, write it or memorize it where you felt great and when did you not.

Gradually you will know where your expertise lies and what else is meaningless for you.

Considering the spiritual side of knowing yourself, it said that we are all unique and born with our unique capabilities.

We are all Gems but it’s just the time we have to discover ourselves, the sooner we do it, the quicker we reach to our destined places.

Good luck for self discovery. Know yourself and you will know your God Very soon :-)

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