Monday, January 23, 2012

The joy of appreciating people around you

The joy of appreciating people around you
The joy of appreciating people around you. 

I love it when people appreciate my work, character or attitude. You must love the same.

Do you do the same with people around you?

When was the last time you appreciated your parents, your boss, your friend or your care taker?

I consider appreciation as a magic stick. Once its rolled on the people, it works like a wonder.
It gives a sense of satisfaction to the other and it gives a joy to self for appreciating others on their hard work.

I remember the instance from the movie Munnabhai MBBS, The actor Munnabhai ( Sanjay Dutt) appreciated the old cleaning guy at hospital with Jaadu ki Jhappi ( a Magical Hug )

Appreciating people is not difficult but we often either forget it

Or we are shy of doing it

Or we are too busy to do it

Or we are too big to appreciate the small act J

Let me quickly describe the benefits of appreciating people around us.
  1. We improve our relationship with the people around us drastically
  2. We improve our self-image ahead of others  marginally
  3. We increase our happiness index scientifically
  4. We earn good Karma holistically
  5. We love successfully

So what was your experience when you appreciated other's efforts? 
Express your feelings.

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