Monday, February 20, 2012

An Eagle and a Chicken : Motivational Story

An Eagle and a Chicken story

Once upon a time, there lived an Eagle Couple on the top of the hill.

They live happily and had 5 eggs in the nest.

Unfortunately due to the earthquake one of the egg fell down to a chicken farm.

A chicken couple accepted this new Egg as a family and given it enough warmth till it hatched.

A nice eagle came out from the egg one day, he was different than other hatched chicken kids but all lived as 
family for long.

Day passed by and one day when the kids were roaming on ground, the small eagle kid saw a group of eagle 
roaring in the sky.

He liked it so much that he asked the chicken Mom, “Mom can’t I roar like them in sky”

Mom knew what he is talking about but before she could speak, the brother chicken said “Hey dude, don’t 
be over ambitious, just live like a chicken, okey?”

Since the eagle kid was aggressive by nature, he waited for the day when he could run away from his 
chicken siblings and reach to the top of the mountain.

That was the day he jumped from mountain and tried to balance himself in the air. By virtue and nature of the 
eagle, it was not so difficult for him and finally he was soaring one day.

Moral of the story: Eagles are eagles, no matter if they live within chickens, they should learn to soar as soon as they can. Find an eagle in you.

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