Saturday, February 4, 2012

Midas Touch : Motivational Story

Once upon a time, there was a king, his name was Midas.
He has lot of Gold in his lockers.
He was counting his gold everyday and feeling proud about it.

One day, a holy saint came close to him while he was counting his gold.

The man asked Midas, make a wish and I will make it true for you.

Midas was quick to make a wish, he said "Whatever I touch, that should turn the Gold".

The holy saint said, OK, are you sure that this is the only wish you have?

The Midas said, Yes I am sure, Please grant this wish to me.

Saint said, Ok, From tomorrow, Whatever you will touch will turn out as Gold.

Midas got up early in the morning and started touching various things to test the Holy man's promise.

He touched the bed and it turned out as Gold, He touched the windows and they became the Gold Windows in few moments.

He wanted his only daughter to know this great virtue he has received.

He sent his slaves to call his daughter, The daughter came to his place and rushed to Hug his father.

As soon as she hugged Midas, She became the Gold Statue.

Midas was upset and full of grief. He cried for his daughter.

he kept crying for the whole day and night till next day, then the saint came again on another day.

He asked Midas if his wish came true? How much Gold he has gathered for now?

Midas cried and complained, "Holy Man, My Only Daughter has become a Gold Statue. I cann't live without her. Take my all god and returrn my Daughter."

Holy man realized that Midas now understands the value of life. 

Since Midas was sorry about his mistakes, the holy man reversed his virtue and converted the gold statue back to his Daughter.

Moral : Real values of life are much higher than Gold/Silver/Money. Let's value our life and Love everyone around us. 

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