Thursday, February 2, 2012

Motivational Story : A Man and Star fishes

Years ago, there used to be an interesting man,

He was going for morning walk on seashore every day

He was seeing the morning Tide of the sea coming and going back every day

One day he noticed that along with the tide, some star fishes were coming towards the seashore.

But once the tide was going back, the star fishes were left on the seashore.

Gradually they were dying as soon as the morning sun rays were catching them.

Since this man was a humble soul, he determined to save the star fishes.

The task was this,  he was taking the left behind star fishes from the shore and  throwing them back to the water.

He was doing this for as many fishes as he can and saving few lives everyday.

Another man passing by the shore laughed while seeing this all and finally asked the humble man.

“Hey, what difference you would make by doing this? See there are many fishes still left on shore and dying”.

The humble man replied by his act, he took one fish, thrown it towards the sea water and said.

“See I have made difference for this one at least”

The other man was speechless after that act; finally he joined the humble man to do this job well.

Moral : You may not make the difference for all but you can make difference for few. Start today  

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